10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drumstick Leaves (Moringa Leaves)

Everybody astonishes about the nutrient content of drumstick leaves (Moringa Oleifera) which is ganoin. Our bodybuilding materials are muscles, bones, and nerves. Drumstick leaves add nutritions and strengthen the above three building blocks. Enormous medicinal properties are present in all the parts of drumstick tree ex: drumstick root, stem, leaves, flower, seed, leaves nerves and drumstick resin.

Is drumstick leaves or milk which is good for health? Does milk contain more calcium? or Does drumstick contain more calcium? Analyzing the above questions the result is the drumstick contains more amount of calcium. Nearly 17 times more calcium is present in drumstick compared to milk. Here are the 10 amazing health benefits of drumstick leaves (Moringa Oleifera), flowers, seed and root if you include in your daily diet.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drumstick Leaves (Moringa Leaves)


#1 Increases Platelet Counts.

If you include drumstick leaves in your daily diet the bones and the platelet counts increase drastically. It also regulates the production of red blood cells which regulates the complete body mechanism. It is pathetic that we live in an era where the men and women’s hemoglobin level is low compared to the normal level.

#2 It Fights Anemia

Anemia is caused by the decreased red blood cells. This in turn caused by nutritional deficiencies. The anemic children have prone to acquire low immunity power, skin disease, respiratory problem, indigestion problem if their blood counts are less. It also affects the women the anemic condition will not regulate the menstrual cycle, they will also get affected during pregnancy, even the child inside the womb will be affected and sometimes leads to nutritional deficiency child. So, if your blood count is less try to increase it in a natural way by including drumstick leaves in your daily diet. It has the property to increase the red blood count, increased iron content, calcium, vitamin A, C.

3# It Gives Clear Vision

Since the drumstick leaves contain an increased amount of Vitamin A people suffering from poor eyesight can include in their diet to get a clear vision.

4# Increases Immunity

If we include the drumstick leaves in the diet at least once in a week will increase your immunity power.

5# Good for Heart

Drumstick leaves are good for heart muscles. The men can include this in their daily diet will prevent them from cardiac arrest and other heart diseases.

#6 It Prevents Cancer

Drumstick leaves contain antioxidants and essential amino acids that prevent the growth of cancer cells and prevent cancer risk.

#7 Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Increased calcium content of drumstick leaves prevents and strengthens the bones and gums of the teeth. It also prevents you from anemic conditions. It increases breast milk production in young mothers. Drumstick leaves are loaded with a lot of nutrients. It contains essentials amino acids, minerals, vitamins B, C, K, and pro-vitamin called beta carotene, and contains manganese, and other essential nutrients hence it is advised in the developing countries to include in their diet.

#8 It Increases Memory Power

To increase the memory power in the children’s the drumstick flowers are dried in the sunlight and powdered it, this powder with milk will increase their memory power and cools down the eye irritation. If drumstick leaves are included twice in a week it regulates the kidney function, eliminates more urine and thus removes toxins from the body.

#9 Increases Sperm Count

For infertility in men’s, it is utmost necessary at least a bunch of drumstick flowers cooked with milk and added saffron along with that and included in their daily diet this will increase their potentiality, and increases the sperm count.

# 10 It is A Weight loss Diet

If one wants to reduce the body weight, they can do it easily by adding greens in their diet. They can have drumstick leaves soup or smashed drumstick leaves along with papaya as their morning breakfast. Otherwise cooked horse gram with drumstick leaves soup can also be included in their diet. Morning with drumstick leaves soup, papaya, evening with drumstick leaves soup and night you can have a light dinner. If this kind of diet included in their daily diet for one or two months continuously for sure it will reduce the body weight since it contains low calories.

Hence you can prevent yourself from the common cold and fever and suffers from gum bleeding. You can include drumstick leaves differently in your diet. Few of them are allergic to drumstick leaves, they will suffer from dysentery if they include this in their diet because the increased amount of iron and calcium in drumstick leaves causes this condition. Sometimes drumstick leaves causes vomiting sensation hence it is better to avoid drumstick leaves during night time. There is a thought that all greens take time to digest, but it is a portion of simple food.