10 Amazing Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Obesity

In the latest technology world, the term ‘obesity’ has grown up as a big challenging disease in humans. After puberty, women are affected by obesity more than men do. After marriage and childbirth, women generally add weight because of their hormonal imbalance.

Obesity and Overweight

Not all the time overweight people are considered to be obese because there are sportspersons who are generally big and overweight. It means they actually build their muscles and body and they stay healthy and not considered as obese.

The Ideal Body Weight

The ideal weight of a person can be measured by a simple technique. The person’s height is measured in cm’s out of which 100 is minus for example if a person is a 170cm height then ideal weight = 170-100=70. 90% of 70 cm is 63 so the ideal weight of 170cm tall man should be 63. The addition of 10kg to this weight is acceptable but if the weight is consistently adding up then it is termed as obesity.

Reasons for Obesity

  • If a person is consuming more food than the required amount the excess food is converted into fat and stored in the body. High caloric food also causes obesity. One calorie means it is a heat required to boil 1.5lt of water from 15-60 degrees Celsius. This is heat energy that is obtained from food, fruits, and vegetables. The calorie level varies according to the food.
  • Oily foods, dairy products, meat, egg, butter, chocolate, ice cream, and alcohol are rich in calories. Snacks that are consumed between two meals, eating food watching TV, sedentary life, life without exercise are the causes of obesity.
  • Certain people have the habit of sleeping during daytime and even after the meal and certain people got it inherited from their family condition and are obese.
  • Hormone imbalance, miscarriage, retention of body fluids, using contraceptive pills and steroids are the main causes of obesity.

Effects Of Obesity

Obesity not only causes physical ailments but also mentally affects oneself. Deadly diseases are easily invited by the obesity factor, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, asthma, hernia, infertility, bone weakness, knee problem, back pain and many more.

Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Obesity

10 Amazing Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Obesity 1

There are medicines available in homeopathy to reduce obesity. Constitutional medicines mean the medicines can be altered according to the patient. Manage your obesity now with the following 10 amazing homeopathic medicines to get a slim and healthy body that you deserve.

#1 Phytoberry

For obese people Phytoberry tablet 3 times in a day and if that doesn’t work one can administer medicines like Ammonium Brom 3x, Calcarea Carb 30, Calcarea ars 30.

#2 Fucus Ves

Fucus Ves Q or 1X medicine 5-60 drops before food should be taken. This medicine is ideal for obese persons who suffer from gastric, constipation problems. Medicines like Ammonium Brom, Antimonium chloride, Capsicum, Graphites, Thyroidine, Iodothyronine are also suggested to the obese people.

#3 Nuxvomica

Excess belly fat men should take Nux vomica 100 and female belly fat should take Nuxvomica 200.

#4 Calcarea Carbonica

Excessive fat, excessive water retention, excessive sweating, and weight problems can be managed with this medicine.

#5 Graphites

Obesity with skin and menstrual cycle problems can be cured using this medicine.

#6 Ammonium Mur

This medicine is ideal for those who have thin legs with a bulging body.

#7 Antimonium Crudum / Calcarea Carbonica

Managed with this medicine for Childhood and Adolescent Obesity.

#8 Ammonium Carb / Baryta Carb

This medicine will help to treat obesity in the elderly.

#9 Ammonium Brom

This medicine will help to treat obesity with the feel of brunt sensations in all organs.

#10 Thyroidinium

Overweight body, bulge outward on the neck with black color and excessive water retention symptoms can also be cured by this medicine.