10 Exciting Health Benefits of Pig weed Green

This pig weed is one of the greens that is found worldwide. It is recognized as the most benefit greens around the world. A nutritionist has explained its exiting health benefits and three traditional healthy recipes.

#1 Good for Constipation

Pig weed eliminates the constipation problem. Especially the older and children suffering from constipation problem a gravy prepared with pig weed act as a laxative and improves overall health.

#2 Prevent Common Summer Diseases

Pig weed is best to consume during summer season. If we take pig weed gravy with cold water rice during summer season, it will cure body heat, dysury, prickly heat, coup rap. Pig weed also acts as a medicine for the top 5 summer diseases like chicken pox, herpes, jaundice,  typhoid and measles commonly found near villages. Extract of pig weed applied on prickly heat will reduce the inflammation and make it cool and dry. The village people believe that a paste prepared using pig weed applied on herpes boils will make it cool and dry and cures the diseases condition.

#3 Act as Weight Controller

For underweight children pig weed with capsicum and onion included in their diet will increase their body weight. If we cook pig weed as soup with garlic, tomato, cumin, pepper, it will reduce the overweight and makes you thin. Because the pig weed is less in calorie it can be taken as a complete food for a meal.

#4 Cures Dysentery and Diarrhea

For dysentery and diarrhea, the seeds of pig weed smashed in tender coconut water will acts as a good medicine.

#5 Improves Brain Health

To improve your brain health, drink a cup of equally mixed pig weed extract with bhringraj extract. Pig weed contains omega 3 fatty acids and it helps in the brain development. It also prevents you from the symptoms of ADHD.

#6 Prevent Lung Infections

Pig weed contains large amount of vitamin A, C, and vitamin B complex. It prevents you from lung infections. It acts as a one of the medicine to cure mouth cancer.

#7 Act as Antiseptic

Growing pig weed at home is equal to keeping a first aid box. Pig weed cures on fire burns, scabies just wash the complete plant grind it and apply it on the infected area this acts as an antiseptic cream.

#8 Remedy for Jaundice

Complete pig weed plant grinded with tender coconut water or butter milk and make it as a balls and mix it with cold rice water and drink it every morning before breakfast this cures jaundice, scouring and leucorrhea.

#9 Reduce Cholesterol Level

Cook the pig weed with garlic and include in your diet that will reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood. Also your body will get cool, if you include frequently pig weed in diet.

#10 Recover from Chronic Illness

Pig weed is beneficial from children to old age people; it purifies the blood and help to recover the body from chronic illness. It increases the milk production in breast feeding mothers.

How to Cook Pig Weed?


The flowers and stem regions of pig weeds are consumables. Pig weeds can be cooked easily and it requires less heat energy so it consumes less time of cooking. Baked pig weed will result its complete nutrition. Pig weed can be added in salads also. It can be included in any of your traditional dishes. It can be added in soup or can mix it with vegetables. It is better to cook on the same day.

Whom to Avoid Eating Pig Weed?

Pig weed is rich in oxalic acid. Sometimes it may cause as an oxalate salts and retained in the kidney. So, people who are suffering from kidney malfunctioning can avoid this green. Otherwise if your taking pig weed in your daily diet consume little more water for better digestion.

Calorie Content of 100 gm of pig weed :

Energy: 27 k. Cal

Water: 90 gm

Protein-2 gm

Fat- 1 gm

Minerals-2 gm

Fiber- 1 gm

Carbohydrate-3 gm

Calcium – 111 mg

Phosphorus – 45 mg

Iron – 15 mg