11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Amaranth Leaves

The tastiest green under the sun is Amaranth leaves. Usually the tender greens are delicious and rich in nutrients the same property is well built in the matured form of Amaranth called as ‘Amaranth spleen’. Amaranth leaves sometimes looks like spinach and it is available in red, green and purple and golden color. There is recent research found out many medical benefits of Amaranth seeds.

Amaranth leaves cleanse the blood toxins, makes the body cool, improves digestion, strengthens heart muscles, it guarantees head to foot health care. Amaranth is easily available and you don’t miss it in your everyday diet.  Here are the 11 selective health benefits of amaranth leaves.

#1 Good For Anemia

Amaranth leaves are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and proteins and it aids in digestion and help to maintain the body weight and it also helps during menstrual cycle. It is loaded with iron and hence it acts as a good medicine for anemic patients.

#2 Controls Cholesterol

Amaranth can control cholesterol level in blood and hence it soothes the heart muscles. An important amino acid called Lysine is present abundantly which protects your skin from ageing.

#3 Rectifies Blood Pressure

Cumin seeds dipped in amaranth extract and dry powdered it. This powder rectifies blood pressure, giddiness, and bile bag problems.

#4 Reduces Hypertension

High fiber content in amaranth leaves  improves the digestion and controls the cholesterol level in the blood. Since its oil nutritious it relaxes the heart muscle, and reduces the hyper tension condition.


#5 Maintains Diabetic Level

To maintain the diabetic level in the body it is necessary to include amaranth in your food. Amaranth improves the height of the children provided if it is included frequently in child’s diet.

#6 Prevents Hemorrhoids

There is a red color variety in this green. Along with amaranth, Indian mallow and smashed dhal will help to cure hemorrhoids.

#7 Cures Fever

A soup is prepared with purple color amaranth leaves with cumin seeds and red chili will cure the fever.

#8 Cures Chronic Cough

A soup made with Amaranth leaves, turmeric powder and parsley leaves will cure chronic cough and it is the best medicine for any kind of cough.

#9 Improves Digestion

For loss of appetite in children include food with amaranth with onion, garlic and pepper this also cures distaste condition. The extract of amaranth is used in Ayurveda to treat dysentery and diarrhea.

#10 Cures Ulcers

Amaranth leaves with smashed dhal included in diet cures stomach ulcer. Mouth ulcer, mouth odor, sore throat, weak gums can be cured with the help of amaranth solution. The amaranth extract acts as best mouth wash.

#11 Helps Healthy Hair and Skin

An amaranth paste applied on scalp will enrich the root hairs and helps in growth and reduces the hair fall. Overall it nourishes and maintains your hair healthy. Amaranth extract applied as face pack will cure the pimples and oiliness on the face.