12 Health Benefits Of Black Night Shade (Solanum Nigrum) Leaves, Seeds and Flowers

Solanum Nigrum is orginated in South Africa. The common name of solanum nigrum is black night shade. It is a medicinal herb found in wooded areas. Here are the 12 amazing health benefits of black night shade leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruits. We can consume this green as a medicine and as a food in our regular diet.

#1 Prevents Jaundice

This is a best preventive medicine for jaundice. Since it strengthens the liver muscles chances of getting jaundice is very less. People suffering from jaundice can make their diet with solanum and can vanish the disease condition. The extract prepared from leaves and fruits of black night shade are used to cure jaundice and liver diseases.

#2 Cures Appetite and Feel of Distastes

Using black night shade, we can prepare homemade medicine for cold also. It cures the loss of appetite and feel of distastes.

Ingredients: Solanum dried seeds, pepper powder, ghee, cumin seeds and salt.

Preparation: Add some black night shade seeds with and boil it for some time.  Add water, cumin seeds, pepper powder and heat it till it become like a soup. This will cure the cold and distaste condition. We must use the easy medicine in our daily life to maintain a healthy life.

#3 Cures Spleen Diseases

It is a medicine for spleen diseases also. Solanum Nigrum has an antibacterial activity and hence it kills the disease-causing bacteria in the body. It fights against the microorganism and try to increase the immune response in the body. It strengthens the spleen muscles and soothes the stomach ulcers. It reduces the body heat all you need is black night shade greens, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, gingelly oil and salt.

Heat the pan with gingelly oil add cumin seeds allow it to fry later add the greens and fry it till it is cook add a tumbler of water with little turmeric powder. Cook it and include this in yours diet this will greatly add strength to the spleen, liver and heal the stomach ulcer.

#4 Cures Ulcer

It is the best medicine for mouth ulcer. People suffering from mouth ulcer can take it as a regular diet and it will heal the stomach ulcer also.

#5 It Soothes Sore Throat

It soothes the sore throat, the public speakers and the singers should include this in their diet.

#6 Works Natural Laxative Agent

Black nigh shade has naturally rich in fiber content and it acts as a natural laxative agent to prevent constipation problem.

#7 Helps Digestion

Black night shade supplies all the required nutrients of the body. If it is included daily in the diet it helps to digest the food easily.

#8 Remedy for Fever

It Solanum contain phosphorus, vitamin A, C and vit B, iron, calcium and other micro nutrients. People suffering from body heat can eat the cooked black night shade leaves to soothe their body heat and best remedy for skin allergies too. Extract of solanum can cure the fever and body pain and joint pain caused by the fever.

#9 Stimulates Kidney Function

It is the best herb to stimulate kidney function and it helps the filter the urine from kidney.

#10 Helps Fast Pregnancy

The seeds of solanum nigrum help for fast pregnancy and strengthen and protect the embryo.

#11 Cures Skin Diseases

Skin boils, allergy, heat boils, skin irritation can be cured by applying the solanum extract on the affected area. This green’s paste can act as an external medicine and can be applied on the skin for skin treatment.

#12 Helps Good Sleep

The seeds of black night shade fruits are air dried and powdered and mixed with milk and taken during the night, it provokes good sleep and soothes the body tiredness. Solanum Nigrum seeds are good if tuberculosis patients and diabetic people included daily their diet.