13 Incredible Health Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi) Consuming Every Day

Calcium, Iron and Fiber-Rich Finger Millet that Strengthens The Body! 13 Incredible Health Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi).  Finger millet or ragi was one of the most important grains in our daily diet. Almost all the houses used to have Ragi food in their daily meals and Finger millet porridge was a part of temple festivities. Ragi was not only a food but also a very important of Indian culture.

Finger millet is also called Keppai or ragi in South India particularly in Tamil Nadu. It is being cultivated and used in almost dried places in the various parts of the world particularly Asia and Africa.

Finger Millet can be consumed by everyone from newborn to 90 years old person. This is very cheap and readily available. Its benefits and medicinal properties are many. This nutrient-rich food is distributed as porridge in temples. Here are the 13 incredible health benefits of finger millet (ragi) consuming every day along with a healthy diet.

13 Incredible Health Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi)

#1 Finger Millet is Strengthens the Bones

Calcium is very important nutrition for the strength of bone. Finger millet contains more calcium than other grains like rice. It helps in your bones strong, prevents fractures and also prevents osteoporosis in elderly people and women in menopause.

#2 Helps in Weight Reduction

The Amino acid Tryptophan present in ragi controls hunger. The presence of the high amount of fiber in Ragi is really beneficial for people who want to lose weight as it helps in keeping you filled the stomach for a longer period and stops you from eating other foods. So even when you have consumed less food you feel the fullness of the stomach. This is a great food for people who are trying to reduce their weight.

#3 Best Food for Diabetics

Finger millets contain fewer carbohydrates and more fiber than rice. It is a low glycemic index food. They don’t show a spike in sugar level in blood immediately after the consumption of ragi. It is more effective to consume ragi as ragi balls and rotis than as porridge for diabetics.

Health Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi)

#4 It Helps Reduce Cholesterols

Finger millet contains amino acids which are helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in the body. Lecithin and methionine have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol from the liver.

#5 It Prevents Anemia

Since finger millet contains numerous amounts of iron it really needed to strengthens the body for performing several tasks. It is helpful in producing new red blood cells hence it is very important for anemic people whose amount of hemoglobin less in blood. It also helps in preventing anemia.

#6 It Cools Down the Body

Finger millet can reduce the heat in the body and cool it down. So it is an essential food item to be consumed during the summer season to maintain body temperature. The minerals present in ragi calms down the mind and reduce the stress.

#7 It Develops the Muscles

Ragi contains a high amount of protein in it hence it is really beneficial for your body as it helps in the proper development of the muscles. It is an important grain for physically active people.

#8 Helps to Repairs Tissues

Finger millet contains amino acids that are extremely beneficial for repairing tissues and muscle coordination. It also helps in the flow and formation of blood as well as muscle repairing which is really important for a healthy heart.

#9 Helps to Fights Depression

The presence of powerful antioxidants in ragi makes it a perfect food for your mental health. It acts as a natural relaxant, which helps in fighting anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It is also beneficial for those affected by a migraine.

#10 It Controls Constipation

Health Benefits of Ragi

Since ragi contains a high amount of fiber, it helps in easy digestion of food and act as a natural laxative agent to treat constipation.

#11 It Controls Thyroid

Finger millet is the best food for thyroid patients. It is especially recommended for people with hypothyroidism. If you eating regularly it will improve your thyroid glands to produce enough thyroid hormones and reduces the hypothyroidism risk.

#12 It Helps for Pregnants

Ragi provides essential nutrients for pregnant women and lactating mothers. It enhances lactation. It controls excessive bleeding during childbirth and menstruating periods and can be used to treat the anemic condition which arises due to the deficiency of hemoglobin.

#13 Keeps Your Skin Healthy

The presence of vital amino acids in ragi makes the skin tissues to revert skin from aging. And it works for lightens the skin tone to makes it glow and young youthful skin.

Instead of consuming finger millet as porridge through the year it can be had as idli, dosa, puttu, ragi balls, rotis, pakoda, and sweet ragi ladoos.