14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is a root (Underground Stem – Rhizome) and it is rich in numerous medicinal properties. The binomial name of Ginger is Zingiber officinale. The ayurvedic name for ginger is Arthraga, Shringaveera, and Kadupathra. The origin of ginger is North India and India and China are major countries to cultivate ginger for medicinal purposes. Ginger contains Monoterpene, Curcumin, Alpha- Gingiferin, and Gingi Sulphonic acid. Usually while treating with Siddha medicines, they use to give it along with Ginger juice and honey. Because the ginger has the property of fixing the drug with the body and function better. Here are just 14 amazing health benefits of ginger to add your health-conscious.

14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

#1 For Premature Aging

If we take ginger in the morning and dried ginger in the afternoon and at the night Terminalia Chebula (Kadukkai- removal of the seed and the skin alone) day to day by anyway, the premature aging can be defeated.

#2 Stomach Problems

Ginger is an appetizer. It removes excess gas from the stomach and increases immunity. It enhances the ability to burn fat. Some people often say that they are not eating food eagerly. These people should drink a teaspoon of ginger juice along with a teaspoon of honey after breakfast daily so that it will act as an appetizer.

#3 For Fatty Liver Disease

Some may feel heavy and his stomach becomes filled even if they eat a very small quantity of food. This may cause the “infiltration of fatty liver” disease. For avoiding this stage we should add ginger in our daily food.

#4 For Body Pain

Due to severe physical work, people will get pain all over the body. Half teaspoon coriander seeds are made into drinking water and add milk and sugar to taste. This will cure the tiredness and pain.

health benefits of ginger

#5 For Vomiting

Ginger has the property to prevent vomiting thus serves as an anti-vomiting agent, especially for pregnant ladies. It is natural that some people will have a vomiting sensation while traveling in buses, or while traveling on hill stations. To prevent this ginger candy is taken; this is a safe, sweet, and simple medicine. It can be taken in from children to aged people.

#6 For Wrinkles

Ginger’s skin is peeled off and cleaned. Then cut it into pieces and soaked in honey. If this is eaten in the empty stomach daily, the grey hair, skin wrinkle, and aging will not affect us.

#7 For Ascites

The disease ascites is treated with ginger juice starting from 10 ml to 25 ml increasing day by day and drunk up to the cure of the disease.

#8 For Indigestion

The ginger juice is applied surrounding the naval, for dysentery caused by indigestion.  This induces digestion. This can also be applied to the children who usually refuse to take medicines.

#9 For Constipation

Constipation followed by stomach pain is treated with ginger juice -1 teaspoon, mixed with salt and lukewarm water.

#10 For Heart Problems

Ginger is capable of decreasing cholesterol. It can prevent heart diseases and heart attacks due to block in the blood vessels. The phenolic compounds in ginger called Gingerol and Shogaol decrease the acid secretion in the body and strengthens the heart. The essential oils Gingerol and Shogaol have a mild sedative and reduce the swelling. Brings down the body temperature and cures fever. Acts as a pain killer reduce the high blood pressure, strengthens the liver, and safeguards it.

#11 For Migraine

The diluted ginger juice can prevent the migraine due to platelet aggregation. So we can avoid using the medicines for migraine which causes many side effects and take ginger juice along with honey.


#12 For Cancer Prevention

Take ginger juice 10 ml is mixed with honey and the succeeding day turmeric powder 5 g is taken with honey to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

#13 For Hemophilia

Ginger induces prostaglandins which strengthen the endocrine glands which play a main role in blood clotting and prevents hemophilia.

#14 For Varies Diseases

Ginger juice mixed with honey or ginger boiled with water and sugar is added. This is a simple drink made out of ginger. It is used to treat couch, thick chronic cold, vomiting, body heat, gastritis, stomach pain, dysentery due to indigestion, and also induces hunger.