15 Health Benefits Of Indian Pennywort (Centella Asiatica)

Indian pennywort (Centella Asiatica) is enriched with medicinal values. This grows naturally near water areas. This gives strength to the body and hence it is named so. The following are the medicinal benefits of Indian pennywort (Centella Asiatica).

Indian pennywort is native to India grows in tropical swampy areas. it grows near river, lake, canals, pools, ponds, ag grows in tropical swampy areas. it grows near river, lake, canals, pools, ponds, Agri land. The stems are slender, creeping stolons, green to reddish-green in color, heart-shaped, connecting plants to each other. The stems are slender, creeping stolons, green to reddish-green in color, heart-shaped, connecting plants to each other. It is better to use Centella in your diet at least two times a week.

Nutrients in Indian Pennywort

  • Centella is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A, and C, and consists of many mineral salts.
  • It also contains blood requiring components.

Medicinal Benefits of Centella (Indian Pennywort)

  1. Centella greatly reduces body heat and makes your body cool and relax.
  2. It increases the hemoglobin levels in the blood and helps in anemic conditions.
  3. It activates the neurons and nerves in the brain and increases memory power.
  4. It increases the eyesight and helps to recover from eye irritation or eye-related problems.
  5. It cleanses the blood. Fever, fatigue, acne can also be cured with this herb.
  6. People suffering from elephantiasis can wrap around the Centella paste to reduce the severity.

Health Benefits of Indian Pennywort (Centella Asiatica)


1. It Boosts Memory Power

Centella leaves are shadow dried and powdered. Taking I teaspoon of this powder with honey twice in a day will boost the memory power. Dry the Centella leaves with cumin seeds, turmeric powder and grind it together. Taking 2 grams of this powder three times a day before food with hot milk will boost memory power.

2. It Cures Fever

Grind equal amount of Centella leaves with pepper, and tulsi leaves and make into pills and dry and store. Take these pills during a fever helps you to recover fast.

3. It Removes Stains On Teeth

Powder of Centella can be used as tooth powder that removes stains on teeth and strengthens the gums.

4. It Cures Skin Diseases

¼ of soaked rice ground with Centella leaves and can be added onions and Rotis are made. This herbal roti cures skin diseases.

5. It Helps Recover From Fatigue

By taking Centella chutney prepared as Centella leaves with onion, garlic, and pepper for 48 days will cure the fatigue and helps you to come out of memory loss.

6. It is a Remedy for Cold and Asthma

Centella extract mixed and soaked with long pepper air-dried and powdered. For cold and fever, 1 gram of this powder mixed with honey is taken two times a day. Cleaned leaves of Centella with tea cures asthma, cold and fever.

7. For Anemia

If we take ½ tablespoon of Centella extract mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey for a month will cure anemia.

8. For Decreased Libido

Take some dried Centella leaves, make it powder to mix with ¼ teaspoon of honey or mixed with cow milk taken two times a day. It will be increased.

9. Chronic Ulcers, Eczema, Psoriasis

It is the best remedy for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Boil Centella leaves with cow ghee and make it cool and apply on the skin.

10. For Insomnia

1 ½ teaspoon of Centella leaves boiled with water filter and drink it before bed.

11. Gives Sweet Voice

Grind Centella leaves with 2 badam and eats everyday morning that results in body strengthening and gives sweet voice.

12. For Cardiac Disease

Centella leaves 4, walnut 1, badam 1, cardamom 3, pepper 3, mix the above ingredients powder it and eat it with sugar candy on early mornings will cure the severity of heart diseases.

13. Remedy for Jaundice

Centella extract 15 ml, Phyllanthus Amarus 15 ml, milk 100 ml, this drink is effective in curing chronic jaundice and should be taken in the early morning.

14. Cure for Diabetes

Shadow dry the Centella leaves and Lippia Nodiflora leaves separately and powders it. Diabetic patients can take 2 gms of equally mixed above two powders will reduce the sugar level.

15. Reduce the Severity of Tumors

Centella leaves with castor oil boiled for some time and applies it to the tumors to reduce the severity.

How to Grow Centella Plants at Home?

You can grow this herb like other greens. Just sow the seeds of Indian pennywort ((Centella Asiatica) and keep it in a low sunshade and water it every day. This will give you fresh Indian pennywort leaves for your health.


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