15 Medicinal Benefits of Garlic Since Ancient Times

Garlic is one of the ingredients used in our daily food. When ginger and garlic is combined together a great flavor and the delicious taste is added to our food. The Garlic which we use in our home made gravies contain hundreds of phytochemicals. The garlic which is used in many foods, also acts as a medicine to many of the diseases that affect the human beings.

The ayurvedic pharmacopeia of India book says that garlic is a brain tonic, antiepileptic, and cures sizic disorders, antimicrobial etc. It is a carminative, appetizer, tonic, alternative, stimulant, expectorant, diuretic, and antihelminthic.

Garlic is an antibiotic, bacteriostatic, fungicide, antihelminthic, antithrombotic, decreased hypo tension, decreases the sugar of the body (hypo glycemic), decrease the cholesterol in the blood, controls the respiratory problems, controls the age dependant vascular changes, and capable of killing the microbes (anti-microbial), diuretic, expectorant too.

Here are the 15 Medicinal Benefits of Garlic has been used as a natural medicine since ancient times.

1. It Reduces Inner Tongue Growth (Uvula)

Some people will have growth in the inner tongue (uvula). So there will be irritation in the throat. The garlic juice is applied on that so that it shrinks and turns back to the normal size and the pain also will decrease.

2. It Reduces Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is dangerous than high blood pressure. It creates more physical and mental tiredness. They can boil the garlic in milk and eat to cure this and reduce.

3. It Cures Amoebiasis

Garlic is boiled and mashed with ghee and sugar and then eaten in the morning and evening for a gooseberry size cures amoebiasis.

4. It Protects Body from Nicotine

Smoking is an important reason for male infertility. The poisonous substance nicotine which comes out by smoking causes many dangerous things. Garlic has the capacity to protect the body from nicotine.

5. It Cures Dysentery

Take 5-10 piece of garlic and boil with milk, add ghee and sugar as required and mash it well. If it is eaten dysentery is cured.

6. It Cures Earache and Pus

2 piece of garlic is mashed and soaked in one teaspoon of gingelly oil and if it is poured on ears on drops, the earache and pus from ears are cured.


7. It Removes Sprain and Wounds

Few pieces of garlic is added with salt and mashed and applied externally to cure the sprain and the pain due to that. When the garlic juice is mixed with water and washed the wounds with pus, they start to cure.

8. It Removes Toxins from the Tumors

When the garlic is mashed and applied on the tumors externally the tumors may burst and the toxins will be removed.

9. It helps to Cure Asthma

Garlic contains an antioxidants called Allicin. This antioxidants improves immune system of our body. Prepare and intake garlic juice 20 -30 drops before or after food to cure asthma. It is a best medicine to cure all type of allergies.

10. It Removes Ring Worm

Garlic is crushed and the juice is applied on the ring worm after washing it can be cured few days.

11. It Removes Gastric and Stomach Pain

Garlic is boiled in the milk vapours and mashed along with palm jaggery, honey and dried ginger powder and made into a paste and taken twice in a day to remove the gastric problems and the stomach pain.

12. It May Best Medicine  to Cure TB

Garlic is crushed and 20-30 drops of the juice is taken and sugar is added to that. This is a best medicine  to cure TB in natural way.

13. It Cures Urinal Problems

When the urine is not excreted garlic is crushed and boiled with water and tied on the abdomen to excrete the urine.

14. It Cures Murmur

When there is high fever, chicken pox there will not be good sleep and the people use to murmur. At this stage garlic is crushed and tied on the feet to get good sleep.

15. Which May Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Intake daily 5 pinches of garlic which helps reduce the high cholesterol level in blood and prevent heart attacks to claims many lives. Garlic cures not only heart diseases it can be used to treat ascariasis, laxative and all type of join pains of our body and increases the memory power too.

Things to consider before consuming garlic

  • There are some instructions given in the Ayurvedic books while using the garlic as medicine. That is it should not be eaten after heavy exercise, and after coming to home after roaming in hot sun, or while getting angry. Because all these situations, the body temperature is increased. If we intake garlic at this time, the temperature will raise even more and affects the health.
  • It is good to avoid the garlic a few days before the surgeries. It increases the clotting time of the blood or it decreases the platelet aggregation. So it will take time to cure the wounds and there will be wastage of blood.
  • When garlic is applied externally, if you feel irritation just wash it away or else there will be bubbles on the skin.