5 Surprising Reasons to Eat Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

If you are planning for a weight loss and consulting the doctor to get advice on it, for sure he will prescribe you to include the flax seeds in your diet.  In recent times many dieticians advise their clients to take the flax seed powder with warm water in the early morning which will greatly reduce the fat belly. The flax seed powder can also be taken along with a vegetable or fruit salad.

Do you wonder where to get these flax seeds?? It is available in all supermarkets but doesn’t doubt that it is a foreign seed. It is very well grown in our country as like cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds, these flax seeds are produced in our country but are widely used by foreign people because of their medicinal benefits.

If these flax seeds are taken as such it will cause indigestion problems hence it is made into powder form so as to avoid any discomfort. Here are the 5 surprising reasons for flax seeds for weight loss that must be included in your diet.

Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

#1 Rich Source of Fiber

The flax seeds are the rich source of fiber content. If it is taken in the correct proportion it will reduce the appetite. And also maintain the perfect body weight. It also inhibits the feel of taking fast food. The rich fiber content will increase the good cholesterol in the body and thus be prevented from a heart attack and stroke.

#2 Rich in Lignans

The antioxidant Lignans are greatly present in the flax seeds. Though it will not directly involve in reducing the body weight, it removes the toxins in the cells and improves cell activity. Thus it helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and it is a nutritional supplement to the body.

#3 Provides Low Calories

Flax seeds have a low amount of carbohydrates, sugar and hence it provides low calories to the body. But it is loaded completely with fiber contents.

#4 High In Proteins

Nearly 20% of proteins are present in the flax seeds hence it is the best food for the weight loss. For Vegetarians the flax seeds are the best supplement of protein.

#5 Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Flax seeds are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This will easily control the feel of appetite and helps in weight reduction.

Is It Safe Taking Flax Seeds Oil or Flax Seed Tablets?

People are widely taking the flax seed oil and flax seed tablets in their diet. The flax seed oil should be taken with any salad but it should not be cooked. If the oil is used for cooking it has the tendency to spoil the food to which it is added. The flax seed tablets are to be consumed one per day and not more than that. And mainly it is taken only under doctor’s supervision. But keep in mind that one should drink more water if they are taking flax seeds every day.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Flax Seeds?

  • Since the flax seeds are rich in fiber content it should not be taken in a large amount at a time. Hence a lesser quantity at equal intervals is required if you are taking flax seeds.
  • Drink plenty of water during the intake of flax seeds otherwise, it will lead to indigestion, constipation and gastric compliance.
  • It should not be taken during the initial stage of pregnancy because it sometimes may alter or disturb the embryo formation.

5 Surprising Reasons to Eat Flax Seeds for Weight Loss 1

How To Include The Flax Seed Powder In The Food?

  • It is better to include the powder in the chapatti Atta or in the dosa batter.
  • It can also be added in the milkshake, raita, oats, soup, salad, or in any vegetable gravy. Just a spoon of flaxseed powder can be included in the diet.

How To Make Weight Loss Milkshake With Flax Seeds 


  • Coconut milk: 1 cup
  • Flax seed powder: 2 teaspoon
  • Strawberry: 1 cup
  • Banana: 2 numbers
  • Honey: two teaspoons.


Grind all the above ingredients in a jar and pour it in the glass. If needed add dry fruits as a topping for this shake.