Naturopathy – Blood Cholesterol Levels

Blood Cholesterol Levels

With the deposition of cholesterol level, the artery becomes narrow, like old water pipelines with salt deposits inside. This process is known as Atherosclerosis. If your blood cholesterol level is 230mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) or higher, you should take steps to bring it down with doctor’s advice. Saturated fat is usually hard at room temperature. Major sources of saturated fat in different oils are given in the table on subsequent pages. Choose am oil among the polyunsaturated fats from page OILS AND FATS e.g. Safflower or sunflower oil is the best. Blood cholesterol level can be reduced by dietary changes, drinking enough water and regular exercises.

For the obese, the diet must be such that it is low in calories, but provide enough of essential nutrients. Avoid refined food, all animal products (meat, sausages, eggs, liver), dairy products (except non-fat products), eat plenty of unrefined starchy food, fresh food and vegetables which are rich in fiber. The nutrition experts advocate a high-fiber and low-fat diet for lowering the blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. Gram, moong, whole grain cereals, carrots, white raw onion, garlic, yoghurt, soy flour, grapefruit juice, butter milk, coconut water, dhaniya and barley water leafy vegetables etc. are among Indian food items, rich in fiber. They reduce the harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which clogs the arteries. A regular exercise program can further help in lowering your blood cholesterol to some extent. At the same time, it may improve the high density lipoprotein (HDL) portion of your cholesterol, which appears protective.

Very low cholesterol levels may cause death due to other reasons like cancer, liver and lung diseases. Studies have shown that people with high cholesterol die of heart diseases and strokes, but an equal number of them die due to very low cholesterol levels. The average cholesterol level should be 200 mg/dl though in the range of 180 to 230 mg/dl is also considered to be normal. A cholesterol level of 260 mg/dl and above is considered high and less than 150 mg/dl is considered very low which is also dangerous.

Cardio-Vascular Diseases – Heart Attack

Our heart is the most hard working organ of the body. It beats almost a million times, pumping over 7,000 liters of blood everyday. It beats at an avenge rate of 72 per minute. The heart is truly a living pump.

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