Naturopathy – Heart Attack Advice and Prevention

Cardiovascular Diseases – Heart Attack Prevention

Fortunately, the majority of risk factors in heart diseases are controllable. You can modify your cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, obesity and diabetes simply by changing your diet. You can control or learn to cope with stress, give up smoking and drinking alcohol and start a rational program of daily physical activity. Well, some cynics may ask, ‘What kind of life is that? Why should I have to invite so many restrictions?’ In fact, these measures can dramatically improve your chances of avoiding Atherosclerosis related diseases. You can clean-up your arteries, prevent death by Atherosclerosis and extend your active, productive years. You can eliminate your risk factors, no matter how old you are, often in just a few weeks. People who are doing this are happy and feel good, and are leading busy and fulfilling lives. So take proper care of your heart. It is in your hands.

Cardiovascular Diseases – Heart Attack Advice

a). Reduce fats, starch, salt, sugar and high proteins. Avoid smoking, alcohol, meat, eggs, mental tension, stress and physical inactivity. Keep your blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, uric acid and cholesterol under control with the help of natural methods. It is never too late to avoid/control these factors, even after a heart attack.

b). A very strict diet control must be maintained. Light protein and roughage rich diet like soup, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, buttermilk, juices, skimmed milk and yoghurt should be taken. Bottle gourd is highly beneficial and should be taken liberally. Supper should be early, very light and non-gas forming so that no complication takes place at night and sound sleep is ensured.

c). Have a complete and thorough check up periodically and take prompt follow up action.

d). Many doctors consider exercise and brisk walk are the most important factors for survival. Regular and vigorous exercise is probably the best preventive measure against a heart attack and stroke. Exercise strengthens the heart. But before commencing, consult your physician.

Cardiovascular Disease – Stroke 

Strokes, like heart attacks, often occur with no prior warning and like heart attacks, often kill. For just as atherosclerotic deposits in the arteries feeding the heart set the stage for heart attacks, such deposits in the arteries feeding the brain set the stage for cerebral strokes. And just as the affected part of the heart dies when its blood supply becomes blocked,