Naturopathy – Heart Attack Causes, Symptoms

Cardio-Vascular Diseases – Heart Attack

Our heart is the most hard working organ of the body. It beats almost a million times, pumping over 7,000 liters of blood everyday. It beats at an avenge rate of 72 per minute. The heart is truly a living pump.

There are various types of heart diseases and the patient must consult his cardiologist immediately if he feels any symptom. One common cause of heart disease is Atherosclerosis which signifies thickening, hardening and narrowing of the arteries, Major risk factors for Atherosclerosis are – diabetes, mental tension, emotional stress, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, heredity, obesity, lack of exercises, high uric acid level, alcohol consumption and eating too much fat like ghee, butter, meat etc. This can lead to angina, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

Atherosclerosis is often referred to in common language as ‘hardening of the arteries’ and although this is an entirely inaccurate way of describing what happens, ‘narrowing of the arteries’ would be a better catch-phrase though this term also is less than accurate. Atherosclerosis is the disease by which arteries gradually accumulate fat deposits on their inner walls thus reducing the lumen (width) through which blood flows. The foreign deposits which adhere to the inner walls of the arteries are called ‘Atheromas’ or ‘plaques’.

Cardio-Vascular Diseases – Heart Attack – Prevention

Fortunately, the majority of risk factors in heart diseases are controllable. You can modify your cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, obesity and diabetes simply by changing your diet. You can control or learn to cope with stress, give up smoking and drinking alcohol and start a rational program of daily physical activity. Well, some cynics may ask, ‘What kind of life is that? Why should I have to invite so many restrictions?’ ….

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