Clean Gut – Cleans the Intestine By Healthy Diet and Good Habits

Clean Gut Means Clean Body!

Gut or intestine is one of the main parts where the food we eat gets digested. The body absorbs the essential nutrients and excretes the wastes in the gut. So it is important to give attention to gut health. Here are some simple ways to cleans the intestine by a healthy diet and good personal habits to keeps the gut clean.

For maintaining a healthy intestine, it is necessary to include good bacteria-rich foods like probiotics and microflora in your daily diet. If the intestine is not healthy, the essential nutrients in the foods that are not absorbed properly.

Importance of Cleans the Intestine

The intestine can be divided into four parts namely mouth esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine. We start eating our food through our mouth. Then it travels through the esophagus and reaches the stomach. Here various acids break down the food. The food which is broken down reaches the small intestine.

Some of the essential nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and food reaches the large intestine. In the large intestine rest of the nutrients are absorbed and the waste is excreted out through the rectum. This is the main function of the intestine. So it is important to maintain the gut healthy.

Fiber Rich Foods Keeps Gut Healthy


To increase the good bacteria levels in the intestine, you need to consume more fibrous foods such as fruits, beans and vegetables. At least 30 grams of fiber per day is essential for our body.

Whole Grains Can Help Cleanse the Intestine


Eating more whole grains on the part of the healthy diet can improve the good bacteria levels in the gut and helps keep your digestive system working smoothly and increase metabolism and immune system day by day.

Enjoy While Eating

Mix the food and take it in your hand. Chew the food well and enjoy your food. It is important to not consume food in a hurry. It should be eaten slowly. Similarly, we should eat food only after we feel hungry. This is the best help we can do to our guts.  While consuming food, mobiles should be avoided and food should be consumed happily and peacefully. It is very important to avoid unhealthy food.

Follow Eating Habits


While consuming food by an ayurvedic method the digestive system can be divided into four parts. Half of the stomach has to be filled with solid food. One-fourth of it should be filled with liquids and the other one fourth should be left empty. This is the method that should be followed for proper absorption and excretion of food.

Excrete Faces Properly

At least twice a day, you have to excrete faces properly. If not possible, excrete once in the early morning is good.

Do Fasting Regularly

In order to keep the digestive system clean fasting is very important. Fasting should be done at least once in two weeks or monthly once by taking warm water when you feel hungry. Have liquid food the next day. By doing so we can ensure that our digestive system is clean, healthy and rejuvenated.

Rejuvenate Guts

After consultation with the doctors, laxatives must be taken once in six months. All the waste from your body is removed by this. The gut remains healthy and rejuvenated. On the day of taking laxatives, you should consume liquid food like rice porridge or curd rice.

Things to Be Followed Daily

Avoid going to bed immediately after food. Make it a habit to go to bed early and wake up early. Brush your teeth cleanly and regularly. Cleaning the mouth with 10ml of gingelly oil.

It is a good habit to consume warm water in empty stomach. This gives relief from constipation.  It is better to avoid having tea and coffee frequently. Do not consume more water while eating food.  But you can consume lots of water between your first and second meal of the day.

Consume More Fruits

Don’t lose your strength! Consume fruits like papaya, orange, guava, and pomegranate. Similarly, the food you eat should be at room temperature. If it is too cold or too hot it can damage the digestive system.


All the methods discussed above are applicable only to healthy people. People who already have digestion problems, diabetics and people with high blood pressure should follow this only after consultation with their doctors.