Naturopathy Treatment – Common Cold Prevention

Fortunately, the treatment of the common cold is quite simple and costs nothing. It entails the exercise of a little WILL POWER and intelligence, but surely that is not asking for too much. If the person wants to get well, a little sacrifice is a small price to pay for relief. The most important factors in preventing cold or reducing its severity are fasting, enema, diet, and yogic kriyas plus exercises – all of which can be learned by anyone very easily.

Natural living habits are the best guarantee for good health and of course, freedom from cold. Every time the cold is suppressed unnaturally like with medicines it inevitably leads to serious illness. If we suppress this, where does the accumulated harmful material (which is being expelled) go? Obviously, it is will be driven into glands, muscles, joints, and organs or retained in the body to play havoc again. So it is entirely justifiable to say that safety valves should not be closed or blocked by suppressing colds.

Respiratory Diseases – Common Cold – Prevention

The common cold prevention and cure is simple living based on natural laws as explained below:

a). Fasting and enema should be taken up intermittently, beside vigorous exercises and yogic kriyas. Sufficient sleep and rest/relaxation are fundamental to a high degree of resistance to infection.

b). Eat less and cut down on starchy food, tea, coffee, fried and fatty food. Cultivate the habit of eating vegetables, fruits, cereals, sprouts, and drinking juice and soups which will provide sufficient nutrition (minerals and vitamins, particularly A & C) – Such a diet will move your bowels freely and regularly.

Respiratory Diseases – Common Cold Diet

Diet should be light nutritious and well balanced. Avoid fried food, milk, and milk products in any form for 13 to 20 day totally.  Eat light dinner by 7 PM. Avoid all refrigerated items including water. Avoid ice cream, soft drinks, overloading of the stomach with sweet dishes at night time, dust, fumes, pollution…..

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