Common Questions and Answers for Yoga

Many people have the doubts about yoga. The following questions and answers give as a preferable way to the procedure, practices and principles of yoga for yoga beginners to learn about yoga.

1. What is the age limit to start Yoga?

From the age of 5 to 80 is the right age to practice Yoga. Any age is suitable to begin Yoga. The Yogic exercises will be followed depending their age.

2. What is the need of exercise?

Exercise is the essential need for a human being like food and sleep. Like that to lead a healthy life exercises is important.

3. How Yoga is better that exercises?

Yoga has a special feature to control the diseases and cure it. We need many types of equipment for practice the exercises. A mat or rug is enough for doing Yoga. So that we can do Yoga in any place and without any type of equipments.

4. What are the diseases cured by Yoga?

Yoga cures many diseases. If Yoga done with proper guidance cures the diabetes, wheezing, blood pressure and so on.

5. Which type of Yoga practice helps to cure the diabetes?

Dhanurasana, Yoga mudra, Matsyendrasana yoga, Sapta Vajrasana, Trikonasna helps to cure the diabetes.

6. Is food control important during the Yogasanas?

Yes, otherwise the people will get more diseases. Food is important to survive in the world. Now a days food leads to the people to get more diseases. To avoid the bad habits like eating too much Sweets, Ice creams, Coffee and Tea etc. The vegetarian foods like greens, vegetables, fruits, milk are helps to be healthy. The imbalanced food habits caused to the obesity.

7. Which dress is comfortable for doing Yoga?

The tight dresses are not suitable for Yoga. Stretchable cotton-blend tank tops or tees and Capri-style yoga pants are comfortable for ladies and shorts for men.

8. When should stop to practicing Yoga before delivery?

A lady should stop to practicing Yoga before 3 months of delivery.  After three months from the child birth they have to start again with proper guidance.

9. Which time is better for doing Yoga?

Early morning with empty stomach and the evening is good for doing Yoga. Its good to avoid at the Day time.

10. Is the discontinued Yoga give adverse effect like weight gaining?

Chances are there.  No need to practice a long time. At least 15-20 minutes enough for regular practice.

11. Can we get the guidance for Yoga practice from the books or television?

The beginners should get proper guidance from the Yoga trainer. After that they can practice with the help of books and television. Your focus should be in Asanas is important.

12. Can the fatty people do the Yogasanas by bending their body?

There are Specific Asanas for the stout persons. If they practice it regularly they can lose their weight.


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