Constipation Causes, Symptoms, Naturopathy Treatment

Constipation Causes and Symptoms

Constipation is one of the curses of modern civilization. Amongst uncivilized races and in the wild animal kingdom, constipation was unknown. Constipation is more common in children and older age, but can affect anyone. The reason for this is that children prefer junk foods and a diet low in fiber and elder people due to absence of teeth prefer soft foods which are again low in fiber due to which constipation occurs.

Low fiber intake is another challenge when it comes to toddlers. Without an adequate number of grams of fiber per day, your child has an increased chance of becoming constipated. Common and often favorite childhood foods include those such as milk, cheese, and peanut butter, which are known to be constipating.

Encourage bulk fiber foods such as wheat bread, whole grain foods and fresh vegetables can help your child to reduce their challenge with constipation. The cause of constipation, in simple term, is disobedience to the natural laws of life.

Constipation Causes

More precisely, it is mainly due to:

  1. A constipation causing diet – refined, fried and concentrated food and a diet lacking in roughage-fiber.
  2. Insufficient walking/exercise.
  3. A constipation causing inadequate sleep and relaxation.
  4. Fear, worry, anxiety, baste, tension, anger and jealousy.
  5. A constipation causing Drinking less water.
  6. A constipation causing Consciously trying to control the urge to pass stools due to one reason or the other.

Anorectal Diseases-Piles

Most anorectal problems arise from faulty eating habits. Individuals not taking enough fibrous food are prone to constipation and therefore, more prone to various anorectal problems. Not responding to the natural process of defecation, irregular bowel movements….