Naturopathy Cure – Diverticulitis, Pancreas Disorder


Diverticulitis means inflammation of a Diverticulum – a condition in which food residues stay in the large intestine and are turned aside into small pouches which form on the walls of the bowels, resulting in abnormal pressure and distension. The trapped material, later on may ferment and purify causing the damaged mucus membranes to become inflamed, leading to Diverticulitis. Chronic constipation and a diet lacking in vegetable fiber are the major causes. In allopathic, the patient is given medicines, pills and tablets liberally and ruthlessly which only suppress the disease while ignoring what is surely self-evident, that pain, discomfort and malfunction are nature’s warning signs pointing out that something is amiss. Such shortsightedness is akin to switching off a fire alarm and doing nothing about the fire, praying God that fire does not spread.

It must surely be self-evident that a condition such as Diverticulitis does not develop suddenly or even in the course of a few months. The human body has a tremendous capacity to withstand abuse and misuse and it has a remarkable ability to adapt its complex functions and systems in order to neutralize the effects of potentially harmful habits and practices.

Diverticulitis Treatment

Diverticulitis Treatment is very simple but requires some sacrifice. A short period of fasting, say for 4-6 days, with enema every morning to remove bowel obstructions and relieve congestion followed by a further brief period of dietary restrictions to reduce the inflammation. A coordinated program of exercise to strengthen the supporting muscles and stimulate the blood and lymph circulatory systems should be followed strictly. Besides, simple treatments such as mud pack, cold hip bath, abdomen pack, rest and relaxation should be taken for about 10 days and thereafter intermittently. Strict diet control and exercise even after cure are a must.

Disorders of Pancreas

The pancreas is a very important digestive organ. It works both as an endocrine gland (like the thyroid, adrenal, pituitary glands), secreting hormones directly into the blood stream and also as an exocrine gland like the liver, secreting digestive enzymes thorough……

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