Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

Ayurveda is “science of life”. Ayurveda was in existence in India even before 4th century B.C. Having a long history, Ayurveda has undergone various transitions during different phases of time.

During the Vedic period when Ayurveda flourished in India, it spread to countries like Indonesia, Greece, etc. Other countries also accepted Ayurveda and it was customized according to their needs. We get to know this from Indian Ayurveda books which were written on palm leaves before the advent of modern facilities. These books give a detailed description of preventive measures before the advent of diseases and different methods for the treatment of various diseases. Ayurveda was born due to the deep thoughts of various Sidha’s and Saints regarding various diseases that afflict mankind.

Ayurveda is used in different parts of the world in different ways. As far as India is concerned Kerala ayurvedic therapy is accepted by Indians as well as foreigners. Foreign tourists who visit India visit Kerala to undergo ayurvedic therapy and get rejuvenated. That is why India, especially in Kerala, is considered an important place for health tourism.

Ayurveda cures different medical conditions by different treatment methods with a combination of natural herbals, various therapies, and physical massages with special diets. Here are some important effective ayurvedic treatment methods you should know before taking treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

Abhyanga Swedana

Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 1

This is a simple treatment method. After the initial treatment, herbal oil massage and steam bath are given. Abhyanga Swedana increases the blood flow, strengthens the body and relaxes the muscles. It induces deep relaxing sleep.


Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 2

Pizhichil is done by applying warm oil on the body for 1 to 2 hours. This method is used to treat fractures, sprains, joint pain, stiffness of joints, stroke, Rheumatic fever, Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 3

Dhara involves a special method of applying herbal oil and herbal milk for 45 minutes daily. It helps to maintain the balance of both mind and body. Dhara strengthens the body and enhances memory. It strengthens vocal cords. Dhara can be done to treat various eye problems, headaches, insomnia and to get soft glowing skin.


Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 4

Njazvarakizhi is a hot massage using a cloth bundle of various herbs. This treatment makes the whole body or particular parts of the body sweat. This relaxes the rigidity of the body and stiffness of the joints. It enhances blood circulation. Njazvarakizhi rejuvenates the body and removes tiredness caused by excess sleep. It also cures nervous disorders.


Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 5

This is a very different treatment method. Herbal juices and herbal are poured into the nose. Nasyam enhances body functions and rejuvenates internal organs. The nerve centers are induced and the nervous system becomes active.


Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Methods 6

This is massage therapy. Herbal powder is spread on the body and massaged. Udvarthanam renders a glow to the body and removes the fats deposited in the body and hence weight loss. Moreover, it gives relaxing sleep and rejuvenates the body.

Ayurvedic massage is essential for people who work round the clock and are stressed physically and mentally. Though it is an expensive treatment it could be taken for the horde of goodness it endows. Nowadays Ayurvedic treatment is available in all major cities around the world. But when the treatment is taken in India especially Kerala you can get rejuvenated both physically and mentally while enjoying nature there.