Effective Remedies and Homeopathy Medicines for Ulcers

From children to elderly people, both men and women must come across digestive problems somehow or other. The digestive juices are secreted to segregate carbohydrate and proteins and helps to infuse in blood. When the level of digestive juices increase abnormally the food remains undigested in the stomach and the food returns back through the food canal and we use to get the irritation in chest and belching.

Main Reasons for Stomach Ulcer

Addition of spices, and hot flavoured items in food, adding more chillies and pickles to enhance the taste of the food, chain smoking, more worries, stress, becoming too emotional often, infection by means of microbes due to abdominal surgeries, intake of aspirin, pain killers, antibiotics for a longer duration , intake of fast food, for those who keeps the stomach like garbage by eating more food, indigestion, allergy in stomach, mouth ulcers, ulcer in stomach and small intestine and anemia are the  reasons for stomach ulcer.

Symptoms of Primary Hyper Acidity:

Pain at the upper part of the stomach as soon as we have food, Vomiting sensation due to intake of food in more quantity or the allopathic medicine, hunger less feel, chest irritation, belching, feeling of filled stomach even if we take very less quantity of food, or getting hunger often, gastric troubles, blood vomiting, blood in the faeces, hyper acidity leads to anemia to advanced stages. If we leave this unnoticed it leads to ulcer in the stomach and it will create even holes inside the stomach.

Symptoms of Secondary Hyper Acidity:

Irritation in the chest, pain at the back side of the central chest, and the pain moves upwardly and destroys the sleep. Ulcer in the esophagus, belching happens more to those who are obese. If they have smoking habit, they should stop the habit and decrease the quantity of food. They should avoid alcoholic beverages and cholesterol rich food. They should not consume any snack in the forenoon and in the evening. They should avoid any work by bending themselves. They can raise the pillow height to 15-30 cm while sleeping.

Duodenal Ulcer:

If the ulcer exists in the small intestine there will be pain in the stomach whenever we feel hungry. If we eat something at this time the pain will be subsided. If we don’t eat anything at this time the gastric juices that are secreted in the small intestine will lead to stomach ulcers. So these patients will have biscuits and fruits in hand all the time.

Peptic Ulcer:

When the food we intake affects the ulcers, we can’t eat anything. The body becomes lean day by day. There will be irritation at the initial stages and pain at the advanced stages. When we are affected by pain in the upper part of the stomach we may panic that it can be heart diseases or heart attack.

The allopathic treatment which is normally called as modern medicine by itself gives instant relief to digestive problems. But the acidity breaking medicine can be of only temporary relief. The side effects are becoming too emotional, induction of emotional feels both physically and mentally and it may also lead to suicidal feelings. When the digestive problems are at the initial stages we should stop drinking and smoking habits and takes care that we should control our mental stress, but avoid intake of allopathic medicines.

Homeopathy Medicines for All Type of Ulcers

In Homeopathic treatment the root cause of the diseases along with the mental feelings of the patients are found out and the medicines are chosen as per both the physical and mental condition of the patient it leads to instant relief and total cure immediately. Homeopathy offers very effective medicines for all type of ulcers including various stomach problems. I highly recommended you to follow the doctor’s advice and medication before using all the homeopathy medicines.

  1. Mostly used medicines for duodenal and peptic ulcers – Argentumnit, geranium, uraniumnit, lycopodium, kalkeriya ars, phosphorus, natrum-phos, pulsatilla etc.
  2. Heaviness in stomach, pain, Irritation, allergy when drinking cool drinks – Kalkeriya ars
  3. Irritation in the food canal, irritation in stomach, vomiting – Irisversicolor
  4. Irritation with  the pain while eating , vomiting and pain in small portion of stomach – Kalibikromigam
  5. Disturbances during sleep, vomiting due to indigestion. Will be decreased when we drink cool water – Argentumnit
  6. Severe pain in the stomach, indigestion, vomiting – Lactiplarotam
  7. Severe pain with the feeling of bite while in hunger – Anacardium
  8. Gastric ulcer , Mouth ulcer, mouth odour – Kalichlorigam 30
  9. Belching and irritation in the teeth – Ropiniya30
  10. Indigestion and the feel of hungry less, also suitable for non-vegetarians – Allium sativum 30
  11. Chest irritation due to smoking – Sephia 30
  12. Those who have the physique which may lead to ulcer – Uranium nit 6
  13. Pain with the feel of biting instead of Hunger – Nuxvomica
  14. For gastric ulcers and if the ulcers are bid – Anthrocinum 1g
  15. If mouth and stomach ulcer happen due to allopathic medicine – Borax

Effective Home Remedies to Cure Ulcer

  • Those who are affected by ulcer may use coconut oil for better cure.
  • We should intake Banana fruit and jamun fruit, a form of bitter taste.
  • Tender coconut and butter milk are effective remedy in summer.
  • Fenugreek seeds are soaked in water overnight and the water is drunken in the morning and the seeds should be eaten.
  • Eating after getting hunger will be good instead of eating at the clock time.
  • We have to chew even the small quantity of food for 27 times.
  • Meat and alcohol should be avoided.
  • Soak ginger in honey and have it. It will increase digestion and spleen disorders will be cured. There won’t be digestive problems if we intake ginger in our daily diet.
  • There should not be fried food at nights in diet.
  • You should add mint leaves and coriander leaves in diet which induces digestion.
  • Different types of bananas, sapota and pomegranate are good for curing ulcer.
  • We should avoid lemon, pine apple and papaya strictly.
  • If the constipation and mental stress remains unnoticed the intestine will be spoiled.

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