Naturopathy – Anorectal disease – Fissures, Fistulae

Anorectal Diseases – Fissures

Anorectal Fissures : Anorectal Fissures are linear tears or cuts in the anal canal and its mucus membrane. People who have tense, sedentary jobs are likely victims of fissures. The problem is often associated with other bowel disorders such as chronic diarrhea or severe constipation. Chronic fissures are periodically healed but recur with pain, little pus and sometimes with bleeding as a streak. A small strip of mixed membrane may protrude from the anus forming a nodule called a sentinel pile.

The first step in healing the fissure is to cure the constipation as early as possible. Hot and cold contrast pack is a corrective treatment. Avoid irritants, spicy and sour food including pickles. The system should be cleansed thoroughly with fasting and enema followed by daily exercises – either brisk walk or yoga. Diet must be very light and fat free, but consisting of fiber and roughage.

Anorectal Diseases – Fistulae

Anorectal Fistulae : Anorectal Fistulae in the anus are a common problem accounting for a quarter of anorectal problems. It is generally formed at the outer end of the rectum or anal canal due to infection and spreads to the internal regions of rectum forming a tunnel, through which pus dribbles down resulting in itching, tenderness on pain on bowel movements. Fistulae are generally treated by surgery but in some cases they recur in spite of repeated operations. Most of the cases respond to Naturopathy very well with no recurrence thereafter, provided the patient strictly follows the principles of Naturopathy. Treatments, exercises and diet control are to be followed as suggested above.

It is important to bear in mind that constipation should be avoided, the habit of sitting on commode every morning be cultivated, practice of applying pressure should be avoided and some sort of exercises like games, brisk walk and Yoga must be made a daily routine. Besides, some oily substance like cream or Vaseline be applied intermittently with the tube or finger inside the anus.

Gastritis – Gas Formation 

Anything that irritates the stomach may be a cause; over-eating, eating improper food, spicy food, improper combination, swallowing chemicals of any kind. Symptoms are; vomiting, pain, nausea, bloating of stomach,

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