Naturopathy Treatment – Massage, Fomentation, Hot Foot, Arm Bath

Nature Cure – Fomentation

1. Hot water bag or cotton cloth dipped in hot water and wrung out may be used. If hot water bag is being used, cover the area of application with cold compress.

2. Apply fomentation for 5-7 minutes.

3. Follow it up with cold compress for 2 minutes and cover with dry cloth for 30 minutes.


1. The water temperature should be bearable.

2. Take care not to damage the skin by overdoing.

3. Avoid on heart, head and seat of active inflammation. In case of pregnancy, avoid over the abdomen.

Nature Cure – Hot Foot Bath

1. Drink a glass of cold water, place cold compress on head.

2. Immerse legs in a tub or bucket filled with hot water (40-45 deg. C). Wrap blanket from, shoulders, covering the whole body.

3. Maintain water temperature by adding hot/cold water. Duration 15 minutes.

4. Cold shower to be taken immediately after the treatment.


Nature Cure – Hot Foot and Arm Bath

1. Wash basin filled with hot water is used for immersing the arms along with the foot bath (legs in hot water bucket).

2. Rest of the procedure is same as for foot bath.

Nature Cure – Massage

1. Gingerly or olive oil is used by the masseur,

2. Different movements (percussion, friction, kneading, stroking, vibrations) are used where each part of the body gets the appropriate application.

3. If possible, massage may be followed by a sun bath. Hot water bath is to be taken.

Diseases and Treatments – Indigestion, Piles, Stress, Constipation

Disease: Amoebiasis, constipation, piles.

Treatment: CP plus GH (Gastro Hepatic) pack,

>>>>Indigestion, Piles, Stress, Constipation