Asanas and Benefits – Halasana, Ardha Pawanmuktasana


Lie flat on the back keeping the feet together. While inhaling, raise the legs and hips giving support with the hands. Slowly bend the waist towards the head and touch the feet to the ground. Then raise the hands and try to hold the toes. Come back to the original position exhaling slowly.

Halasana Benefits: Halasana improves digestion, strengthens the spine and back muscles. Helpful in curing diabetes, asthma and constipation.

Precaution : Hernia, High blood pressure, ulcer and Cervical Spondylosis patients should avoid this asana.


Lie flat on the back bringing the feet together. While inhaling, raise the right leg, bend the knee and rest the thigh on the abdomen. Then interlock the fingers on the leg and press the thigh against the abdomen. Exhale, raise the head and try to touch the chin to the knee. Inhale, and bring the head down. While exhaling return to the original position. Repeat the process with the other leg.


This is a follow-up of Ardhapawanmuktasana.

Precaution: Follow the same procedure of Halasana, but with both legs.

Benefits: Both these asanas activate liver and Pancreas. Beneficial for abdominal organs. Relieve waist and shoulder aches, pain in the knees and also good for curing Dyspepsia.

Precaution: Persons having Cervical Spondylosis could practice this exercise, but should not raise the head.

Supine Position Asanas-Kati Chalana, Chakrasana, Uttan Tadasana

Kati Chalana

Lie flat on your back, fold both the knees and place the legs close to the hips. Keep both the hands under the head.

>>>>Kati Chalana, Chakrasana, Uttan Tadasana