Healing Power of Flowers

These flower remedies, like other forms of natural healing,  medicine, take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or its symptoms. They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned.

Flowers and Its Healing Power

Chicory: The natural care and concern for others is selfishly motivated causing possessiveness and the desire to manipulate.

Clematis: Thoughts dwell in the future, interferes with the present, leaving the person bored inattentive and absent-minded.

Crab Apple: Such people are obsessed with cleanliness; they’re very particular about their appearance. They become obsessed with thoughts about tidiness and are filled with self-detestation.

Agrimony: Suffering inwardly, pretending to the outside world that there is nothing wrong.

Centaury: Weak-willed, naturally gentle and eager to please others. Maybe overworked, worn out and annoyed with self.

Cherry Plum: Frightening thoughts and ideas running away with the imagination. Fear of losing control of the mind and doing something bizarre.

Cerato: The Cerato person seeks the guidance, reassurance of confirmation of others.

Beech: A lack of tolerance. Other people’s idiosyncrasies get on their nerves.

Elm Flower: Person capable of handling most personal work and commitments, but is inclined to feel overburdened with additional responsibility.

Heather: Loves to talk. The person will ‘button-hole’ anyone willing to listen – the conversation revolves around health, family, with personal details.

White Chestnut: Plagued by thoughts that go round and round in the person’s mind, leading to exhaustion and in many cases, insomnia.

Willow: To help those who feel life has been unkind and are bitter, resentful and filled with self-pity.

Gorse Flower: Helps those who feel hopeless as though nothing will ever get better, that they will never be well again.

Wild Oat: for those who are at the crossroads in life and need to find their true direction.

Sweet Chestnut: To relieve a headache, anguish and emotional pain that causes deep despair.

Aspen Flower: For apprehension and a feeling of uneasiness, leading to fear of no definite reason.

Gentian: For those who feel discouraged by setbacks and who suffer from uncertainty.

Wild Rose: For those who enjoy life and are content the way it is and have insufficient interest in present circumstances.

Holy Flower: The remedy for jealousy, suspicion, desire for revenge, spitefulness or hatred.

Olive: For fatigue and exhaustion due to over-work either physical or mental.

Mustard: Helps those who feel depressed for no apparent reason. The depression comes and goes like a heavy dark cloud.

Mimulus: For those of a shy nervous nature. Those who blush easily and feel embarrassed in the company of others.

Hornbeam: Weariness at the thought of what lies ahead. Those who feel lethargic, unenthusiastic, depressed.

Honeysuckle: For lingering memories of the past, nostalgia, excessive reminiscence, regrets, homesickness.

Larch Flower Remedy: For those who tend to take a back seat and let others overshadow them because they lack confidence in their ability to succeed.

Red Chestnut: For those who are more concerned about the well-being of others especially family and close friends, than they are of themselves.

ScleranthusFor a person who finds it hard to make decisions, always weighing one idea against another.

Pine Flower: For people who blame themselves and constantly apologize for anything that goes wrong even when it is not their fault.

Oak Flower: For normally brave and strong, who begin to feel their strength wane due to over-work or ill-health, causing despondency and frustration.

Vervain Flower: Their obsession for ‘just causes’ makes them feel incensed and they become tense and angry and are never able to relax.

Star of Bethlehem Flower: For the after-effects of shock, serious news, grief and sorrow.

Rock Rose Flower: For the relief of terror, panic, nightmares.

Information courtesy: Dr. Aneeta Arora is the first Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP) from India.

For the type of person who is quick in thought and action. Sees the solution to problems easily but needs this treatment when this desire for promptness leads to irritation and impatience.