12 Best Health Benefits of Solanum Trilobatum / Thoothuvalai Green

Solanum Trilobatum is a creeper. They are otherwise called as thoothuvalai and purple fruited pea eggplant and has small thorns throughout their body. Its root and leaves have a bitter and sour taste. In Siddha medicine, Solanum Trilobatum is called as “kayakalpam”. Its leaf, stem, flower, bud, and roots all contain medicinal properties. This is the only green contains natural steroids. Solanum contains natural antibacterial and antifungal property. Here are the 12 amazing health benefits of Solanum trilobatum (thoothuvalai) the great green.

Health Benefits of Solanum Trilobatum

#1 Cure for Common Cold and Cough

From children to aged people will be suffering from a seasonal infection, cold and fever. Solanum acts as the best medicine for this disease condition. Making a soup or a decoction or including Solanum in their diet will relief them from blocked nose, chest cold, cough, sore throat, and throat inflammation. Air dry the Solanum leaves and powders, add this mixture in milk and have it an everyday night which cures chronic cough condition.

#2 Best Remedy for Sinusitis

Siddha doctors recommend this as one of the medicine for sinusitis. Boil the leaves and stems of the solanum in water and drink the water every day will cure the symptoms of sinus. It can also help to soother viral and flu infection.

#3 Dissolves Tonsils

Extended throat muscle growth called as tonsils, commonly found in many children. Solanum leaves with licorice, galangal, dried ginger mix 10 gm of each content in 1 liter of water and boil it till it becomes ¼ content. Take 50 ml of this soup 3 times a day will dissolve the throat muscle.

#4 Extraordinary Remedy for Asthma

Solanum is an extraordinary remedy for curing asthma. Extract of Solanum with honey to be taken every day will cure the symptoms of asthma and also cures loss of appetite, and voice regulation.

#5 Prevention of Cancer


Research has proven that Solanum contains anti-carcinogenic property. If you include this in your diet more than twice in a week it will prevent you from stomach and mouth cancer. For persons who are addicted to smoking and drinking can also be included in their diet so that they can be helped from cancer.

#6 It Controls the Effects of Diabetes

There is a growing population of diabetes every day. The uncontrolled disease condition will cause damage to the cells and tissues of the body. The antioxidant property in the Solanum will prevent you from diabetes and its effect of affecting cells and tissues. With Dr’s suggestion, one can include the Solanum extract every day to control the sugar level in their blood and can maintain their body weight.

#7 For Healthy Liver and Lungs

The antioxidant and ant hepatoxicity property in the solanum prevents you from any liver damage and infection. Flowers and seeds of Solanum act as a medicine for curing lung cancer.

#8 It Dispels Stomach Pain

Grind solanum with pepper and boil the content and filter it drink this for curing gas problems and pain and other stomach disorders.

#9 Helps Better Blood Circulation

The Siddha medicine explained that Solanum will improve the blood circulation in the body and prevents blood coagulation, and purifies the blood.

#10 Ear Problems and Memory Improvement

Earache and deafness problems can be cured by the Solanum extract. Flowers of Solanum can improve memory loss.

#11 Cure for Constipation

The red color fruit of Solanum are air dried and powdered this powder on taking daily will cure the constipation problem and cures acidity and it helps in curing rheumatism related problems.

#12 For Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency causes bone and teeth problem. If you are unable to take calcium supplements in your diet, take solanum for 48 days. You can cook this leaves with dhal that dramatically increases the essential amount of calcium for your body.


  1. Gayathri Ganesh
  2. R Balasubramanian
  3. Alfred A. Dahn