Naturopathy – Guide Lines For Healthy Living – Part 2

Guidelines for Healthy Living – No pains, No gains

11. Wash vegetables and fruits properly under running water, scrubbing with a brush before cutting, as they contain pesticides and contaminants.

12. Ensure good digestion, sound sleep, good appetite and evacuation of bladder and bowels regularly and naturally.

13. Tension is very harmful, as it causes flatulence, constipation, irritability besides liver and heart problems. Hence, change the way of living. Do not work for long hours. Do not become a workaholic. Do Shavasan and enjoy about 7 hours sound sleep daily.

14. Always use polyunsaturated oil and reduce salt and sugar intake to the minimum possible level.

15. After lunch rest a while and after dinner walk a mile – is a wise old recommendation. Relax in Vajrasan for 10/15 minutes after the meal.

16. Take very light but nutritious food which includes fruits, skimmed milk and yoghurt (curds).

17. For healthy condition, 80 per cent of alkaline foods to 20 per cent of acid foods are needed. For curative treatment, 100 per cent alkaline food is needed. Alkaline food and drink purify the blood. Refined and processed food tend to acidify and pollute the blood and the cells.

18. Select your food from the following:

Dandelion greens, green pulse, seaweed, brinjal, endive, garlic, kale, lettuces, mushrooms (most), parsley, turmeric, parsnips, pepper (green and red), potatoes, all pumpkins, radish and soybeans.

Dairy Products: Butter, cheese, all cottage cheese, cream, ice cream, custard and milk (boiled, cooked, dried, pasteurized, canned).

Flesh Foods: All meat, fowl, beef, and all fish.

Nuts: All nuts (more so if roasted), coconut (dried), peanuts.

Miscellaneous: Alcohol, candy, cocoa, chocolate, coca-cola, coffee, tea, condiments, dressings, sauces, drugs, aspirin, eggs, especial the whites, ginger, preserved jams, jellies, flavorings, marmalades, preservatives, corn starch, soda water, tobacco and vinegar.

Physical & Mental Activities: Lack of sleep, overwork, worry, tension, anger, jealous, resentment.

Oil: Olive, corn, cotton seed, soy, sesame etc.

Cereals: All flour products, buckwheat, barley, all kinds of cakes, corn & corn products, all biscuits, doughnuts, macaroni, spaghetti. Noodles, oatmeal, pies and pastry, rice and rye crisp. Citrus fruits are acidic, yet because of their high calcium content, they produce an alkaline effect during the digestive process. Some patients experience citrus fruits effects as acidic and some others alkaline.

19. It is suggested that one may keep the following items at home. They are negligible in cost, but helpful in maintaining healthy body (of course, with the support of exercises and balanced diet a pre-requisite of Naturopathy):


(a)    Hip bath tub                            :    1 or 2 Nos.

(b)    Fomentation bags                :    2 or 3 Nos.

(c)    Abdomen/chest pack         :    1 set

(d)    Mud tray & towel                  :    1 No. each

(e)    Enema kit                                 :    1 No. each

(f)     Bucket for hot foot bath    :    1 No. each

(g)    Tumbler for Jalneti             :    1 No. each

(h)    infra-red lamp                       :    1 No. each

(i)     Facial steam kit                     :    1 No. each

Thus we see that our senses and faculties sometimes work at cross- purposes and throw the body out of gear. It could be brought back to normalcy by observing the simple do’s and don’ts enumerated above.

Nature Cure – Treatment Chart – Common Program

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Disease: For all diseases as specified hereunder (for a required period)

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