7 Best Homeopathic Medicine for Toothache

Will Homeopathy medicines work for a toothache?

Many people ignore toothache by the intake of pain killers.  It is very dangerous to ignore the toothache. In modern treatment, they use to fill the cavity, or uproot the teeth or even go to root canal treatment in spite of bringing a solution to the toothache. We usually have a doubt that what is the relationship between Homeopathy and toothache. Some people even ask what homeopathy will do for the instruments which are used in dental treatment. Homeopathy is capable of curing, toothache, ulcers, gingivitis, tooth decay, etc.  In Homeo before giving treatment to toothache they use to find out the symptoms and then only the treatment will be based on that.

There is a famous saying like words are gone if teeth are gone. Why tooth is falling in old age? Only the words will go off if the tooth is gone? There is a connection between teeth, brain, and heart. It will be dangerous if we ignore the toothache. So we have to take treatment immediately after getting a toothache.

Homeopathic Medicine for ToothacheHomeopathic Medicine for Toothache


Arsenicum Album: The medicine Ars Alb is given to cure the terrible toothache in Homeopathy, This will not be effective in case of a swollen cheek. This medicine is apt for the toothache that occurs by an increase in heart rate and before or after menstruation in women.

Belladonna:  There will be severe inflammation in the tooth cavity. It will cause terrible tooth pain. Belladonna is the medicine to cure this kind of toothache.

Chamomilla:  For some people, there will be swelling in the cheeks, and the pain will increase while eating something. There will be more salivation. Somebody will get the feeling of anger, tremors, increased palpitation, and sometimes cry. Chamomilla medicine is the remedy for these kinds of problems.

Coffea Cruda: And some people will get a toothache, not in a continuous mode. For this kind of aches, Coffea Cruda is a suitable medicine.

Mercurius Sol: And Mercurius sol is recommended for the foul smell that occurs at the time of toothache on salivation.

Mercurius Vivus: Merc Viv is the medicine suitable for gingivitis, pain, and swelling in the gums, foul smell of the mouth odor. etc.,

Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is suitable for the pain which gets severe in the morning.

Today the treatments for toothache are torture for the patients. Even though there are treatments like uprooting the teeth, filling of teeth, root canal treatment, if there something goes wrong then the side effects will be miserable. So we should not ignore the toothache and the treatments.

What is the relationship between toothache and Homeopathy? There will not be instruments with him for uprooting the teeth, replacing the teeth, or filling the cavities with cement.

Homeopathy Treatment  For Toothache

These are some of the questions asked by many people. But when comparing to all other medicines we can cure toothache, gingivitis, tooth decay. Before giving the treatment for toothache in homeopathy, they will analyze the symptoms and then only will be offered with the medicines.

  • For severe toothache: Ars Alb – In this type, the severity of the pain will be at midnight. For some patients, it will happen before going to bed. They usually won’t sleep and will walk here and there with tension. This will not be effective when the cheeks are swollen. If the palpitation increases and the pain comes before or after the menstruation Arsenic will be effective.
  • Swelling in the teeth cavity: Belladonna – This will be an effective medicine for the toothache which comes because of the swelling in the cavity. The pain will be more. So this medicine functions well and cures the pain.
  • Swelling in the cheek: Chamomilla – Toothache becomes severe in the night time. The pain will be like tearing the mouth. The pain will increase if we eat or drink something, or touched with warm heat. Suitable for outcomes like swelling in the cheeks, salivation, more shivering, increases palpitation, cry, anger.
  • In continuous toothache: Coffea Cruda – Suitable for in continuous toothache. We feel like the pain is decreasing if we have cool water in the mouth. When the water becomes warm by the heat from the mouth, again pain comes. Can’t sleep. This medicine is useful for this.
  • Pain like pinching with a needle: This will spread to ear, forehead. Pain increases when something touches the teeth either in heat or warm. If we give hot water packs on the cheeks will feel better. May get the pain on the tongue too. The tongue may become thick and salivation occurs.
  • Bad odor in the mouth: Mercurius Sol medicine can cure this immediately.
  • Pain on the roots of the teeth: Merc Viv. Pain on the roots of the teeth, the gums may turn red and may have wounds. The mouth will have a foul odor.
  • Pain in the early morning: Pain peaks in the early morning. Cool wind or cool water makes the pain severe. It is very cruel. Nux vomica will cure this.


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