Homeopathic Medicines for Heart Problems

Once upon a time, heart diseases are rare to the youngsters but now it is affecting them too. In America, a report shows that 9 lac people are affected by heart diseases every year and 25% of them die out of it. In an international scenario, 30 lac people death occurs per year out of heart diseases. 1 lac death happens even after bye-pass surgery.

Mostly these deaths happen only because of a heart attack. This happens to people from 40-50 years. Only at this age, the people hold the responsibility in society and the family. Hypertension, mental stress at this age leads to heart attack and thus the person leaves their family by a heart attack. People are affected by heart attack next to accidents.

What Causes a Heart Attack?

Not giving importance to exercises, using vehicles for even small walking distances, using lifts for climbing stairs, urbanization, social-economic background, eating fried salted items excessively, milk and baked items, becoming addicted to smoke and liquor causes obesity and this obesity further leads to diabetes which creates the problem in the blood vessels are major causes of a heart attack. It also leads to no pain while getting affected by heart attack thus leads to death.

Who Gets Risk by Heart Attack?

The people from the city are affected by a heart attack in most numbers when comparing with villages. It is difficult to get avoided by heart diseases for those who are lazy. The health of the old aged people is becoming a question mark in this mechanical world. At this period they get frustrated because of loneliness, they lose mental health so that they are affected by heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, shivering and some other diseases extra. Men have 10 times greater chances to attract heart diseases when comparing to women. In India, 7 people per minute are affected by heart diseases.

What Causes Heart Muscle Weakness?

The blood which is needed to function the heart is also taken from the heart through vessels to the myocardium. These heart muscles if don’t get blood and oxygen properly they will be affected. So the problem occurs in the contraction of the muscles. If there is any block in the blood vessels then there will be a problem in the heart muscles. The heart will not function if the heart muscles are affected. When the heart feels trouble in carrying blood to itself then it is affected.

How Heart Attack Occurs?

When the muscles of the heart don’t get blood then there will be pressure and pain in the heart. When the blood vessels are blocked by cholesterol, then there will be a contraction in the blood vessels and the blood path will be narrowed down. When the blood vessels contract and the cholesterol deposited to the whole length the blood vessel’s inner wall becomes thick.

Homeopathic Medicines for Heart Problems


Common homeopathic medicines play a very effective role in most cases of heart problems and associated with it such as heart attack, cholesterol, etc.

Crataegus Oxyacantha: The most important medicine for anemia, myocardial infarction, temporary heart pain, enlarged heart, to dissolve the cholesterol deposited in the vessels.

Convallaria: The problem in the pericardial membrane, a bicuspid aortic valve problem, pain appears suddenly in the middle of the chest.

Latrodectus: Severe stabbing pain caused by heart to the shoulders and the armpit, spread up to the fingers.

Crataegus: To dissolve cholesterol, reduce inflammation, strengthen the heart tonic.

Cactus: Pain such as beating the heart with an iron bar.

Amyl nitrite: Unconsciousness and sudden heart attack.

Spigelia: Severe heart beating, prompting those close, to the top of the shirt is also visible. Will tear down near the nipples, chest pain radiating to the left arm.

Spongia: Wheezing at night with severe emotional problem solving, heart valves.

Digitalis: Fear of being scrupulous heart will cease to be a little pulse.

Gelsemium & Lobelia: Fear that the heart stops when not moving.

Strophanthus: To quit Alcohol, smoking, tobacco, etc.

Lithium Carbonate: Heart pain while passing urine and pain decreases after urination.

Arnica: Heart pain at night and death can occur because of fear.

Colchicum: Arthritis pains moving to the heart.

Some other medications: Kalmia, Aconite, Adonis Vernalis, Aurum Met, Actaea Racemosa, Kali carb, Lycopus, Oxalic acid, Naja.

Simple Tips to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

  • Strong coffee is not good for health. The caffeine present in coffee creates temporary stress.
  • Those who are obese, have to plan and decrease weight.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are high in fish and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. This omega-3 fat protects our hearts. By eating fish, we can realize that our heart is healthy.
  • 45 minutes of walk per day burns the cholesterol and brings back the blood pressure to normal.
  • Smoking decreases the good cholesterol in the body.
  • Laughing is good for the lungs and hearts.
  • Drink lemon water in the morning instead of tea.
  • Eat sprouts for evening snack instead of other snacks.
  • Decrease the quantity of oil in cooking. 500 ml oil is enough for a person per month.
  • Weekly twice drink fruit juices instead of taking food.
  • It is good to avoid bottled fruit juices.
  • Diabetic patients should not go for fasting.
  • Wash the vegetables before cutting them.
  • Orange and green grapes are good for high blood pressure.
  • Ghee, butter and ice cream are not good for those who have blood pressure.