How Naturopathy Works for Cure Disease

How Naturopathy Works

Now let us analyze how Naturopathy works. It starts at the root and treats the disease with cold water treatments like hip bath, mud pack, stomach pack, enema and gastro-hepatic pack (mostly cold treatments on the abdomen). The parasites or amoebae cannot thrive in the cold whereas heat is conducive to their survival. Hence they start dying or running out slowly and steadily. Even the cysts are destroyed or damaged. Thus the breeding and growth of the parasites are restricted. With the help of the above treatments, fasting and enema, the entire army of parasites is drained out through the rectum in a period of 15 to 20 days if taken continuously. Thereafter, the patient is gradually brought to normal diet. One must learn Yoga and continue exercises or/and brisk walk every morning after which one will never have this problem again.

The other problem is how morbid matter, stuck in the cells of the liver inside the abdomen, intestines etc is to be removed, and to clean the system and get rid of various diseases generated by this morbid matter which gets accumulated due to bad and irregular eating habits over many years. No method can remove this hard-stuck morbid matter which is like pitch or gum, even if the whole system is opened by surgery, what to speak of medicines! For example, take an envelope with a stamp strongly pasted on it. Can you remove it simply by pulling it?  No, you will have to soften the glue with water, rub it cautiously for some time and only then will the stamp slowly come out. Naturopathy works the same way and hip bath, mud pack, enema, fasting etc. play the same role as water in cleansing the system which is not possible by any other medical processes.

Some wise people adopt an intermediate route occasionally taking mild herbs and at the same time practicing Nature cure and Yoga. It is advisable that one should not be very rigid or averse to using herbs. Although Naturopaths will not compromise on this advice, in practice it is not possible to lead a purely natural life in modem times. Therefore, one can and should attempt these as far as possible. In today’s fast life one cannot restrict one’s duties to six hours, maintain regularity of exercise, take purely natural food and completely avoid hurry worry anxiety, tension, impatience etc. all of which are against Nature. It is inevitable to be social and to attend some late evening dinners of weddings, functions to oblige friends/relatives.

Naturopathy Healing

In the order of healing sciences, Naturopathy stands first, but unfortunately, it is practiced last after hopelessly trying all other medical sciences. It is beyond doubt that nature cure……

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