Naturopathy Treatment for Indigestion Disorder


Apart from the incurable and dreadful diseases, most troubles as aforesaid start with the abdomen. Diseases like gastritis, indigestion, constipation, ulcer, hepatitis, colitis etc. often arise from an imbalanced diet, irregular and careless eating for taste or show. The digestive organs are teeth, salivary glands, gullet, liver, stomach, pancreas, gall-bladder, small intestine and large intestine. The process of digestion is: the teeth break and chew the food with the help of saliva. Then, the food passes through the gullet into the stomach and then into the small intestine, Where digestion and absorption of food take place and then finally to large intestine for elimination of the residue through rectum. This digestive process is assisted by many other organs such as liver, pancreas and the lymphatic system.  The kidneys filter the blood, resulting in the production of urine.

Indigestion Disorder

Indigestion is a common complaint amongst the middle and upper classes, while it is much less prevalent amongst the poor and working classes. The reasons are apparent. When you take rich food, tasty preparations of different types (several items together) which you can afford, you certainly get tempted and eat to your heart’s content, not once or for one day, but as long as you care to indulge yourself. The poor cannot afford such excesses. Hence the difference. The rich gets the gift of indigestion, ulcers and many other diseases. God is great. If He bad provided unlimited digestive power to the rich, they would have consumed all the good food and drinks available in this world. Milk possibly would not have been available and the poor would not have got even a drop for their children or for adding to their cup of tea/coffee or even as a medicine. Other causes of indigestion, apart from over-eating, are; drinking water during meals, irregular eating habits, insomnia, emotions such as jealousy, fear, anger etc., lack of exercise and eating fried and heavy food. The barometer for good digestion is that whatever you eat is digested without any medicines, antacids or enzyme tablets. See treatment chart.


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