Main Reasons for Permanent Kidney Failure and Homeopathic Medicines

In general a kidney permanently loses its ability to act for two main reasons. One is the metabolic disorders that occur in the blood in the body, muscles, and nerves. Other is the infection caused by the germs from outside. This is called as infectional disorder.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes of kidney failure. For those who is having diabetes insulin production less than demand in body. So the glucose level in the blood increases. For excreting this the kidneys have to work more.

The kidneys become inactive due to the more work done by it. The symptom for this is excretion of large amounts of protein in the urine. Evacuation of excess protein in the urine is called as proteinuria. This is metabolic disorder. The other is infectional disorder. This is caused by renal tuberculosis and the Filariasis (Elephantiasis) related to genital organs.

What are the symptoms of renal tuberculosis?

Women with premenstrual syndrome, Unbearable stomach ache, Unbearable pain in the hip, more white discharge will occur. The sperm of men comes with bleeding, Physical fatigue occurs suddenly and without any reason, Pelvic pain can be unbearable, weight will reduce without reason. There may not be the symptoms even. Because of the prevalence of TB occurs only in one kidney and the other one functions normally. Only if it is also damaged, the symptoms appear.

How permanent kidney failure occurs?

Permanent kidney failure occurs gradually step by step. It simply cannot be detected immediately. A very bad feature of this disease is that we won’t get any symptoms even up to the advanced stages of the disease. The millions of kidney filters (nephrons) in the kidney will be subject to immobilized one by one. However, the kidneys continue to work even after the loss. One kidney continue to function normally if other kidney is completely failed.  So that the patients come to know the severity only after 90% of kidney is affected and the urination will be declined.

Understand the functions of the kidneys.

The main function of the kidney is to excrete the excess water and waste products in the body. However, their work does not end with this. The body’s  pH – pH balance maintenance, keeping blood pressure, helping to produce red blood cells,  taking care of the health of the bones, to determine how much water content should be present in body are some other important functions done by the kidneys. It is as similar as hearts that beats regularly and so the kidneys continue to filter process consistently.

Symptoms of the Kidney Failure


Not able to pay attention to anything, to reach irritability, fighting with others for no reason, to sleep on the job, behaves in a different manner, like always being short tempered are mentally visible symptoms of the disease.

Dizziness, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, severe headache, loss of appetite, water accumulation in heart and lungs, bowel -related problems, continuous hiccup, blood coming out while coughing blood, swelling in the arms, legs , tongue dryness occurs, foul odour in breathe, epilepsy, jaundice, abdominal pain, vomiting, High blood pressure, disorder in menstruation, anemia, gastric problems, Indigestion, diarrhea, eye vision problem, infertility, skin infections, hemiplegia, bone pain in limbs, pelvic pain, severe muscle pain, neurological disturbances etc. and the list lengthens physical symptoms of kidney failure.

After getting these symptoms if we scan the kidneys they will appear 1/3 of its original size.  To know whether there is any scope for permanent failure we have to test for creatinine in blood and protein level in urine.

If the patient’s blood contains more creatinine in blood or more protein in urine then we have to EGFR (Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate) test immediately to find out the effectiveness of kidney filters.  After getting this we have to take treatments according to the stages.

Dietary changes are needed:

  • Food control is extremely important to the patient. Potassium and protein are the key enemies to them. At the same time, not including protein will also go wrong. Depending on how much protein in the urine is excreted, we can incorporate proteins in food accordingly.
  • They should not eat Mosambi, oranges, grapes, fruits like banana, coconut water, supplement drinks. They should drain the boiled vegetables, greens water and then use.
  • Fat is enemy to the kidneys. It will block the blood circulation to the urinary filters. So the function will be affected. So we must take care of cholesterol from accumulating.
  • Potassium, protein, sodium, cholesterol control is not much of a problem because if you drink too much water, so it is necessary to control the water.
  • Only protein, Sodium, and fat are not to be controlled. Even water should also be drunken in limit.

Is there solution medicines in Homeopathy to prevent or cure permanent kidney failure? Some of the important homeopathy medicines for that prevent kidney failure.

Ammonium, karpanikam, apocinam, arcanikam, belladona, kantaris, carbolic acids, cikuta, kupram arcanikam, Chlonine, helliporas, hydrocaiyanik acid, marpinam, opium, picric acid, Sankuneriya, teripintina and Viratram viraidu.