Manage Time Schedule and Activities

Manage Time for Self Development

Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of – Benjamin Franklin.

There is a fact about time management that will need to understand that time cannot be managed. We have only 24 hours to a day. That is the maximum as well as the minimum. We cannot manage time to increase it or decrease no matter what we do. There are numerous tasks that need to be accommodated in a day. So the only option for us is to manage our activities so as to save time. Saved time may be presumed to be time earned, as we are able to use that extra time effectively for other activities.

Therefore the understanding of managing one’s tasks efficiently is very essential and this multitasking world where the world seems to be rushing on at a fast pace. Provided below are some tips to manage time to daily schedules so that we are able to attain all the tasks we had set up as well as feel relaxed at the end of the day.

Managing our tasks efficiently motivates us to initiate more activities and reduces our tendency to avoid new work for the fear of lacking time. It prompts us to review our work and daily schedules often and of course gives a big boost to our self-confidence. The first step to manage our activities is self-knowledge. We need to know and set out our goals and priorities in life. Once the major goals are set, it becomes easy to prioritize our daily activities.

While at it concentrate on one task at a time. Give each task its due respect, by putting all your attention into them while executing. This also helps in completing the task earlier. Our full concentration will ensure that the work will be manage completed on time and with fewer errors. Set reasonable deadlines for your asks and push yourself into achieving them. Delegate the work wherever possible. Catch yourself the moment your mind wanders into some unproductive activity and stop immediately. Better still, learn some meditation technique. Every minute spent in meditation is a useful self-development tool; it is also the best source of relaxation for the mind. A relaxed mind is far more efficient and productive. A few minutes of meditation every day is bound to save you several minutes an hour later on in the day.

So time/activity management goes hand in glove with personal development. To manage our activities is to break our habit patterns and adopt new ones for our betterment, and naturally, personal development also happens resulting in more satisfied time-conscious and efficient personalities, who are able to contribute more to society.