Nature Cure Treatment Methods – Enema, Mud Pack, Towel Pack

Nature Cure – Treatment Methods – Enema

1. Fill the enema can with lukewarm water and smear nozzle with oil or Vaseline.

2. Lie on the right, extending the right leg and folding the left leg at a right angle.

3. Introduce nozzle in the rectum and raise the can to a height of 3 inches. The water enters the rectum.

4. Retain water for 5-l0 minutes


1. Air to be removed from tube by letting some water flow out.

2. In case of pain in the abdomen during enema, lower the can until pain subsides.

Nature Cure – Treatment Methods – Mud Pack

1. Place the cleaned, soaked mud on a muslin cloth and prepare a pack of 10” (length)  x 6” (breadth) x 1” (thickness).

2. Place on the abdomen for 20 minutes.

Nature Cure – Treatment Methods – Towel Pack (abdominal cold compress) – A substitute for mud pack

1. Dip a medium sized towel in cold water and wring out.

2. Fold the towel 4 times to a size of 12-14 (length) x 10 (width).

3. Place this on the abdomen and cover it with a dry towel for 20 minutes.

Note: Ice water may be used in summer.

Nature Cure – Treatment – Hip Bath

Hip Bath is given at cold, hot, neutral and alternate (hot & cold) temperatures in a special tub.

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