Nature Cure Treatment Methods – Hip Bath

Nature Cure – Treatment Methods – Hip Bath

Hip Bath is given at cold, hot, neutral and alternate (hot & cold) temperatures in a special tub.

Nature Cure Treatment – Cold Hip Bath

1. Use cold tap water.

2. The level of water should be such that it covers the hips and reaches the navel while sifting in the tub. Rest of the both remains dry. Footwear to be worn.

3 Gently rub the abdomen in a clockwise direction with a moderately coarse wet cloth. Duration is 15 minutes.

4. After the hip bath, do yoga/walking. If weak, lie in bed covered with blanket.

Nature Cure Treatment – Hot Hip Bath

1. Use hot water at 40 deg. C, gradually raise it to 45 deg. C.

2. Drink 2 glasses of cold water; apply a cold pack on the head.

3. Sit in the tub like in cold hip bath but no rubbing of abdomen. Duration: 10 minutes.

4. A cold shower immediately after the bath.

Nature Cure Treatment – Neutral Hip Bath

1. Water temperature 32-36 deg C.

2. All other steps are as of hot hip bath but no shower after treatment. Duration : 15 mts.

Nature Cure Treatment – Alternate Hip Bath

1. Hot water (40-45 deg. C) and cold water (18-24 deg. C) in two separate tubs.

2. Drink water and apply cold compress on head before treatment.

3 . Two variations:

(a) Sit in hot tub for 5 mts. cold for 5 mts.

(b) Hot for 3 mts, cold for 1 mts, repeat 4 to 5 times, ending with cold water dash to hips.

Packs – Kidney, GH pack, Abdominal, Wet Gridle

1. Place hot water bag to cover middle to lower back. Apply ice bag to cover lower part of the chest bone and stomach. Wrap a dry cotton/khadi cloth and flannel over this.

>>>>Pack – Kidney, GH, Abdominal, Wet Gridle

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