Naturopathy – Nature Cure – A Way Of Life

Naturopathy – Nature Cure – A Way Of Life

Nature cure is A Way Of Life. Unfortunately, in the minds of many people including doctors.  Nature cure does not stand for any definite school or scientific system of medicine and a number of unqualified persons practicing. Nature cure are simply defaming it. I feel, in the interest of patients, the time has come when Nature cure should be standardized in India in order to give it its rightful place among the sciences of healing.

Disease is the consequence of disorder. Disorder is the outcome of indiscipline. When discipline goes disorder and misery follow, Most of us do not eat to live but live to eat Human body, like Nature cure, cannot tolerate undue external interference. When one becomes sick one tries to find desperate remedies which very often cause further damage to the system. The more drastic the remedy the greater is the damage and it becomes a vicious circle.

Naturopathy is the only method which corrects imbalance caused by excessive indulgence and restores inner harmony without the aid external agent. We refuse to learn the laws and way of life of Naturopathy and nature cure. We refuse to understand life’s dependence on Nature. It creates preserves and destroys. Man in the name of development and progress has been destroying Nature, the consequences of which even a blind can see.

Naturopathy and Yoga

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her” W.Wordsworth.

The unbridled growth of industrialization, accentuated by modern science and technology has created a situation, which prevents man from bestowing adequate care and attention even to his minimal personal health needs. Health is not something that can be purchased in a bottle from a drug store, but a condition built over the years from within by our own vital process conscientious efforts and self-control or WILL POWER.

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