Naturopathy Basic Concept – How Cure diseases

Naturopathy Basic Concept

According to the basic concept of Naturopathy or Nature cure, healing comes from within the human body itself. That is to say, there are self-curative forces which are inherent in the human body working towards health and healing. In fact, a Naturopath simply provides required guidance, whereas self-control, diet control and exercises to be adopted by the patient play a major role in the healing process.

Accumulation of waste products in the human body by eating wrong types of food, over-eating or poor digestion and assimilation, is considered one of the major cause of ill-health and various diseases. Nothing eliminates these waste products more effectively than fasting and enema. The human body is a sophisticated tough machine. Most of the diseases can be treated and cured by cleansing the human body through natural, eliminative and physiological processes.

Naturopathy, which is a wonderful drugless process of healing, is not a miraculous panacea. Even after relief or cure, certain precautions like diet control, exercises and some treatments are to be continued for a long time. Yet it is beneficial compared to drugging, which only suppresses the disease and may give rise to some other ailments. Naturopathy works wonder on many, but not on all the acute and chronic diseases.

For example, it is not advised in medical emergencies and in serious/dreadful diseases like cancer, heart trouble, stroke, kidney failure and so on for which the modem system of medicine should be preferred. Unfortunately, Naturopathy has not been developed to that level due to lack of research, resources, attention, dedication and enthusiasm. While it cures many diseases and provides sure control/relief in respect of some of the otherwise incurable ones (as described herein via a thorough cleansing/detoxification of the system),  it also helps one lead a healthy and disease-free life even during old age. This is possible only if one obeys its rules and develops the WILLPOWER or self-control, especially control of the palate, i.e. eating habits. Besides, one has to have patience.

How Naturopathy Cures Diseases

Suppose, someone is suffering from a chronic disease, say Amoebiasis, Allopathic medicines, being poisonous will try to kill the amoebae (parasites) so that the system becomes….

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