Naturopathy Healing Crisis

Naturopathy Healing Crisis

Some patients get perturbed and unnecessarily frightened just by hearing about or learning of the healing crisis. But what is it after all? Generally, large amounts of toxins and morbid matter gel accumulated in the body following toxic food/drinks, medicines and drugs taken for a prolonged period while the patient is undergoing treatment. Sometimes it is not so easy to drain them out during the normal cleansing process and the symptoms of the disease get aggravated.  Hence, the patient experiences a healing crisis (acute manifestation of the symptoms of disease) Frightened by the crisis some patients lose heart, get frustrated, abandon the treatment  and go back to previous physicians of other medical systems.

This is in fact a blunder. If patients show the perseverance and the will power their, disease could be treated with fantastic results. Even though Naturopaths could easily suppress this crisis, it would amount to interference with the cleansing work of the body’s defensive forces and hence it is against the philosophy of Naturopathy.

An example may make it clearer. Suppose, a sewer is passing through your street and if it is not cleaned for long, it will stink, even if it is covered with slabs. But when it is opened for cleaning and the cleansing process starts, it will surely give rise to such an offensive smell that you may feel like running away from the place lest you catch an infectious disease. However, when this drain is thoroughly cleaned with lot of fresh water and disinfected the smell will disappear and the cleanliness will so transform the place that you will not possibly hesitate to sit on the slab of that very drain. So, you can easily understand which part of the whole process is the healing crisis.

In view of the above, the healing crisis should not be viewed as a dreadful consequence but as the Nature’s effort to overcome the disease. It is the Naturopath’s utmost duty to motivate and educate the patient during such a crisis and build confidence in him.

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