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Naturopathy Healing

In the order of healing sciences, Naturopathy stands first, but unfortunately, it is practiced last after hopelessly trying all other medical sciences. It is beyond doubt that nature cure is a sure cure for a majority of the diseases and though inexpensive it is very effective. In other words, it is a drugless healing which is unique because it has no side-effects whatsoever. For most of the diseases like stomach/abdominal troubles, high blood pressure, diabetes, headache, asthma and liver disorders, regular exercise and simple treatments which can be taken even at home are effective.

Nature cure is curative, preventive and also educative. It is also very soothing and harmless, although it demands a little sacrifice and patience. One may ask that if this system is so good and beneficial, why it has not progressed much compared to other systems of medicine. The answer for this has been summed up aptly by Mahatma Gandhi as follows:

“In spite of their limited scientific knowledge, the Naturopaths make tall claims and nurse a feeling of grievance against medicos. They lack the spirit of organization; each one is self satisfied and works by himself instead of pouring in resources for advancement of their system. No one tries to work out in a scientific spirit all the implications and possibilities of the system, No one tries to cultivate humility. It is my conviction that so long as some dynamic personality from among the Naturopaths themselves does not come forward with a missionary zeal, things will continue as they are”.

Even after 50 years, things are in the same way as they were before – very unfortunate indeed for the country and mankind at large. If Naturopaths work sincerely without ego and with the required perseverance and enthusiasm, Nature Cure can do wonders. People may not desperately need those over-crowded allopathic hospitals then. They will lead comparatively disease-free lives. They won’t need to go to hospitals that frequently, as Naturopathy has repeatedly demonstrated – Prevention is better than cure. But, for the promotion of Naturopathy in a big way, the Government’s active involvement is most essential.

If the Government spares and allots even one per cent of the budgeted hinds and attention it gives for allopathy, the country could have big institutes of Naturopathy and Yoga in in every State within a short time, and thereafter, gradually in even district. Through adoption of Naturopathy, the State could greatly improve efficiency and moral life of the people and reduce pressure on overcrowded hospitals.

A healthy body is a source of pleasure not only to oneself but also to others who look at it. Thus, to possess a good, healthy body and mind is a great social and economic advantage with Naturopathy.

Naturopathy Healing Crisis

Some patients get perturbed and unnecessarily frightened just by hearing about or learning of the healing crisis. But what is it after all? Generally, large amounts of toxins and morbid matter gel accumulated in the body following toxic food/drinks,…..

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