Naturopathy Treatment for Sleep and Insomnia causes

Of all the different kinds of relaxations sought and discovered by man, sleep still remains the single most guaranteed method of obtaining maximum and complete mental and physical rest for the body. Sleep not only help regain used up energies but also gives rest to the strained muscles and nerves. The normal period of deep sleep required for a healthy human being is between 7-8 hours in a day.

God has bestowed night for sleep which is one of the most important necessities of life. There are billions of cells in our body and brain which require rest for relaxation and vitality. These cells, if not given enough rest, will tire themselves out and become less functional, thus certain various other complications. Proper and deep sleep is also essential for rejuvenation of the heart’s muscles that tire during the day’s hard work. The better you sleep, more the rest these cells and tissues get and they perform better by making the body more competent to resist the day-long activities tirelessly. An undisturbed sound sleep enhances the quality of sleep and hence its benefits.

There is no substitute for physical exercise because exhausting the body in a controlled way relaxes the mind and is conducive to sound sleep in the natural way. Cross ventilation in the bedroom is also very important for ensuring sound sleep. Insomnia means advanced stage of sleeplessness wherein the more you try to deep sleep, the more sleepless you become.

A highly effective drug, the sleeping pill, given in the recommended dose will provide sleep but is often followed by various problems, as it forcibly sedates the nervous system. Hence, tranquillizers are not the answer to tension, worry, anxiety, sleeplessness or even insomnia. The answer lies in changing the habits and way of life which are responsible for these troubles.

Sleeplessness may be due to a number of reasons such as stress. Anxiety, pre-occupation or any form of altered mental activity. A continued lack of deep sleep may also lead to depression, nervous disorders and cardiac complaints. This is the state of transient insomnia which lasts for a few nights. This may later on lead to chronic insomnia which is a serious disorder affecting normal behavior and work performance.

Sleep and Insomnia Measure

Measures for sound sleep before going to bed are:

  1. Take hot foot immersion for 15 minutes (after drinking a glass of cold water) or warm water bath.
  2. Do deep breathing for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Resort to relaxation techniques like Yoganidra and Meditation.
  4. Read light literature like magazines.
  5. Avoid heavy meal and late dinner.
  6. Take light supper three hours before going to bed.
  7. Stroll for a few minutes in open air after dinner.
  8. Do not make forced effort to sleep but relax.
  9. Drink a cup of hot water.

Apart from the above suggestions, the patient has to undergo Naturopathic treatments as suggested in the chart.

Respiratory And Digestive System

All laxatives and purgatives are toxic to the system. They do not act upon the system, instead the system reacts to the drugs and thus the person becomes enslaved to them.

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