Procedure and Benefits of Janushirasana-Head to Knee Pose

The meaning of Janu is the knee joint. Sirasu means the head. This asana is performed by placing your head with the knee joints. So the janushirasana also called head to knee pose.

The Procedure to Perform Janushirasana

Procedure of Janushirasana

Step 1: Sit down on the floor and spread your left leg straightly don’t bend your knees. You shouldn’t bend the spine and heel must be placed on the floor and the fingers must face upward.

Step 2: Fold your right leg inside; right leg’s heel should touch the left leg’s thigh or the sexual organ.

Benefits of Janushirasana

Step 3: Folded right leg and stretched left leg will be looking like an English letter  ‘L‘. Hold the left leg’s feet by the two hands lift your head. Then touch the left leg’s knee by the head. In this pose exhale the breath don’t inhale.

Step 4: Gradually inhale and lift your head. At that time your hands should hold the feet. Then bow your head and exhale. Likewise, make straight your right leg and fold your left leg. Then do the asana, exhale at the time of touching the knee and inhale while bringing your head upward.

Somebody will bend the knees while bringing their head down. This is wrong. It is difficult at the starting stage but your head should become downward, you shouldn’t bend the knees, it should be straight.

After completing the first round, again start the asana from the first and repeat it for three to four times. Follow the above-mentioned method for doing this asana.

Benefits of Janushirasana

If you do daily for 10 minutes, changing leg by leg, it gives amazing benefits.

  1. Janushirasana is the best yoga exercise to reduce belly fat.
  2. This asana strengthens the hip bone and Pingala nerves. So the hip and leg pains will be diminished.
  3. The stomach muscles will become stronger and the small and large intestines are stretched and get refreshment effective work will be done. You can get rid of the constipation problem.
  4. While stretching the left leg the pancreas which is on the left side is accelerated and the diabetes disease is defeated.
  5. While stretching the right leg the spleen and the gall bladder is strengthened. So the health is protected.
  6. Do not get the fever, if you properly doing janushirasana.
  7. It helps quickly recover from the common cold.
  8. It cures quickly, if appear inflammations in the glands due to the flu.
  9. Earlier conditions of tuberculosis (TB) symptoms can be cured by this asana.
  10. Semen gets thickens.
  11. Rib bones get stronger.
  12. Spinal, pelvic pains will disappear if there is.
  13. It removes the hassle of flatulence and stomach bloat,
  14. Enhancing blood flow in the abdominal area and boosts kidney function.
  15. Janushirasana makes spinal cards and muscles more flexible and it reduces excess fat from the hip also.