Procedure and Benefits of Mayurasana-Peacock Pose

Our ancestors lived the life which is associated with nature. But since we are eating the food which is against nature, changes in the lifestyle we are getting more stress and diseases. Sidha medicine is helpful in rectifying all this and getting good health and life.

One of its methods is to practicing good Yogasana. Yogasana helps in reducing stress, and diseases and provides beautiful and healthy as well as youthfulness. Also, we can gain much self-control due to practicing yoga. Yoga practitioner has made all these Yogasanas without any cost inclusion and to keep our bodies in good condition.

Thus, now we’ll see about Mayurasana or the peacock pose.  Mayurasana or peacock pose is a difficult asana. To do this asana you need patience and perseverance with a few weeks of practice. Always your stomach should be empty when to perform this asana.

Mayurasana – The Reason for the Name

Mayur means peacock. In this asana, the legs are stretched like the wings of the peacock and so get the name Mayurasana. The palms on the floor, and put pressure on both sides of the elbow with the stomach, the whole body without touching the ground, like an elevated position that is called Mayurasana. Given below is a step by step procedure to perform and benefits of this asana.

Procedure of Mayurasana

  • First, kneel down on the floor.
  • Then make sure that there is some space between the legs.
  • Now Join the hands and keep the palms in between the gap of the legs.


  • Then bend a little and keep the abdomen on the elbow of the hands.
  • Stretch the legs one by one slowly and straighten the elbows.


  • The toes alone should be on the ground.
  • Looking at this now the head to legs the body should be on a straight line.


  • After being at the same stage we have to be there for some time and then release the breath slowly and hold all your weight on the elbow. Now bend your head little towards the front and raise your legs a little slanting.
  • Be in the same position for 20 to 30 seconds. Then slowly kneel down your legs and release the hands.

Benefits of Mayurasana

  • Mayurasana makes the spinal cord straight and rectifies the problems in it.
  • It prevents hip bone from decreasing in density.
  • It is helpful in rectifying constipation.
  • It induces the pancreas and helps in preventing diabetes.
  • It reduces the cholesterol accumulation in the stomach.
  • In increases the appetite.
  • It strengthens the lungs.
  • It strengthens the hands, legs, and shoulders.
  • It also strengthens the head and neck bones.
  • It prevents the infertility.