Reiki Healing Learning Method

One can learn Reiki through its various degrees. The first-degree course teaches the basic theories and procedures and how to work with the Reiki energy. The channels through which the healing energy flows are said to be opened up through four attunements given by the teacher to the student. The basic hand placement positions are also taught. After completing the course the student can begin self-treatment. The course is normally conducted over two days.

After the techniques taught in the first degree course and practiced for 21 days, the student becomes eligible for the second degree course. The syllabus includes the use of Reiki symbols and ways to enhance their healing effect for distance healing. Another attunement to further increase the flow of Reiki and to empower the use of symbols is also given. This prepares the student for a long distance healing.

The third degree training is given after the completion of the first two. Some schools require the student to have practiced Reiki for a minimum of one year. The course enables the student to attune fresh students in to Reiki. Often the training schedule is divided into two or three stages of attunements and teachings.

Pupils wishing to learn and practive the original reiki can easily do so as all additions to the Reiki system are clearly explained in the Class. More Details on Reiki Course

Reiki therapy is not successful after only one session. This has to be done several sessions until the patient is completely healed and this can only happen the body becomes in tune with itself. The reiki healing are importantly four levels.  A practitioner can even do this physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually  to him or herself to reduce the anxiety and stress that happens everyday as people live a happier life if there is both harmony and peace.

If you want to become a Reiki practitioner, you first have to sign up in a class that is conducted by a certified Reiki master like above mentioned. The basic students will have to undergo training for a couple of days and then a 31 day cleansing period before proceeding on to the next one so read the manual and keep an open mind.