Reiki Healing Procedure, Treatment

The Reiki healers channel the healing energy by laying their hands on the affected parts. The energy flowing out through their palms brings about the healing. The energy is said to enter the healer through his crown and exit through the palms. The healing process can also be carried out from a distance through a more advanced level. Special symbols are used as a part of this technique to form a temporary connection between the healer and recipient, regardless of location to send the Reiki energy.  Highly skilled healers are also able to send Reiki to a specific point in time, either in the past or the future.

Reiki treatment can be given to the whole body at a time. The recipient is asked to lie down comfortably on a table or bed and relax. The healer enters a calm and meditative state before commencing treatment. The hands of the healer can be placed on the recipient or held a little away. Unnecessary talking and communication avoided in between.

About 12 to 20 different hand positions are used during the treatment. There can be a fixed and predetermined set of positions or the healer may use intuition to guide him. The hands are kept still for 3-5 minutes. The whole treatment can last from 45-90 minutes for the whole body. The recipient immediately feels deeply relaxed with a sense of general well being. Being a natural healing process the healing effects may not be instantaneously visible. It normally requires a series of 1-3 sittings in intervals of 1-7 days for chronic ailments to be addressed.

Universality of Reiki

Reiki can also be used as a preventive system as it is believed that the energy encourages healing much before any physical symptoms have emerged. However, if the intended recipient does not wish to be healed then the energy does not flow, It is considered as a holistic therapy as it brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Healing can occur at any or all of the levels simultaneously, without any conscious direction from the healer or recipient. The technique of accessing this energy is so simple that even children can learn it. Even healthy individuals can opt for Reiki every 1-4 weeks for general well being. Self-treatment can be done every day.

Localized treatments can be given to areas affected with recent injuries. Some practitioners even conduct informal treatments during social interactions. Here the healer places the hands on the receiver wherever appropriate and comfortable and imparts the healing energy. A group treatment would involve two or more healers treating the same recipient. This is known to have a significantly stronger effect then when practiced by a single healer.

Reiki can also be used to heal animals and plants. The duration is shorter and the hand positions may vary depending on the size and shape of the recipient. In the absence of any disease, Reiki can be given just as an expression of love. Most Reiki practitioners consider it be a spiritual practice rather than a mere healing method. One hour of self-treatment conducted every day in a meditative frame of mind can bring about physical, mental and emotional well-being, thus inducing spiritual growth.

Reiki – Principles 

The more profound of Reiki also initiated a set of 5 principles which later came to be known as Reiki principles:

  • Do not be angry
  • Do not be worried
  • Be grateful
  • Work hard (On improving yourself)
  • Be kind to others