Naturopathy – Respiratory And Digestive System

Respiratory And Digestive System

All laxatives and purgatives are toxic to the system. They do not act upon the system, instead the system reacts to the drugs and thus the person becomes enslaved to them.

It is rather impossible to cure constipation permanently without resorting to natural food and brisk walk/vigorous exercises. Natural food and physical activity are the most powerful stimulants for bowel evacuation, respiratory and digestive system. If the individual does not exercise but leads a sedentary life, the food does not travel through the digestive tract in the right length of time. Its progress is delayed and by the time it reaches the rectum, all the water is absorbed and the residue will be in the form of a dry, sticky mass, very hard to expel.

Lot of roughage and fiber in diet is essential for satisfactory evacuation. It is best to adopt raw diet – rich in enzymes, roughage, and low in proteins, starch and fats. Natural laxative food such as fresh uncooked vegetables (lettuce, celery, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, cucumber and spinach), fruits (grape. lemon, apricot. Pears, all berries, plum, fresh fig, cherry, banana, apple, pomegranate, guava, papaya, mango and bale) and molasses etc. are helpful in relieving constipation. Roughage can also be had from whole wheat flour, bran, unpolished rice, fruits, vegetables and wholesome soups.

Drink lot of fluids, i.e. 8 to 10 glasses (three liters) of water daily including vegetable and fruit juices. Also take 4 to 6 spoonfuls of roasted gram powder stirred in water or lsabgol with a cup of warm skimmed milk. If constipation still persists, take enema.  You may take one glass of carrot-spinach and tomato juice (equal quantity) daily with a lemon squeezed in for some days. Another treatment for constipation is Chinese water therapy. On rising early in the morning immediately drink four glasses (1.26 liters) of cater for 5-7 days. Also do vigorous exercises.

Some people take hot milk daily at night as an aid to stimulate-bowel movement, respiratory and digestive system the following morning. The aid is not natural, but it does help to some extent and do some harm also. It is very uncomfortable as it generates gases, making sleep difficult in the night. Instead, you can look at Nature for help. Take some garlic in any form, or Trifala powder or 2-4 soaked figs or 8-10 soaked munakka at night. If still constipated, take about 4 or 6 spoonfuls of roasted gram powder stirred in water a few minutes before dinner and drink a glass or two of water with it. You may also take mud pack and enema occasionally. All these are natural foods for bowel movement, respiratory, digestive system, which will be more helpful than a glass of hot milk. In case of obstinate constipation, take 4-8 tea spoonful of castor oil in a cup of skimmed milk at night intermittently.

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