Naturopathy for Respiratory Disease- Common Cold

Respiratory Diseases – Common Cold

The common cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by a filterable virus and is defined as acute nasal catarrh or acute rhinitis. The cold usually commences with a running nose, sneezing, watering of eyes, chills, headache, body pain and when accompanied with cough, fever and muscular pains, may turn to flu. The cold virus enters through the nose either directly or via rubbing the eyes. Virus infected fingers in the nose or eyes readily transplant infectious agents.

The virus is present in the infected person’s nasal discharge or in his sneeze or cough. Handkerchief, pencils, staircase railings, telephone receivers, hand shaking and so on get contaminated with the shedder’s virus-laden mucus. Thus, others who come in contact with these droplets get infected. It only makes common sense that allergens such as dust, fumes, chemicals, drugs, cosmetics, perfumes, varnish, paints, smoke, pollution etc. be eliminated, but if the body is not strengthened, the individual will become allergic to other agents.

Respiratory Diseases – Common Cold – Causes

Low resistance to infection is often caused by:

a). poor and unbalanced diet and deficiency of certain nutrients, particularly Vitamin C,

b). ignoring the importance of daily normal bowel movement,

c). spasm or congestion in intestines and constipation due to stress, bad food etc.,

d). toxic or irritating smell of paints, cosmetics etc.,

e). cooking spices, perfumes, pollens, dust, infection from others suffering from cold, toxins accumulated in the system,

f). over consumption of so called good food and taking lots of tea, coffee, medicines,

g). living in a highly polluted locality, poor ventilation, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, sexual excesses, impure air, polluted water, excessive work, strain, worries or other mental factors, all of which add their quota to our adverse living conditions.

Respiratory Diseases – Common Cold – Treatment

According to the views of the author, cold is not a disease but a healing crisis – when toxins are accumulated in the body, these find some outlets in the form of cold and fever which serve as safety valves and enable the body to cleanse itself as the toxin….

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