Sarpasana Procedure and Benefits

The posture of the body resembles a snake that is why it is named Sarpasana. The meaning of the Sanskrit word Sarpam is a snake. Bhujangasana is the one more name for the Sarpasana. 

Sarpasana Procedure

  • Lie flat on your stomach. Put the palms beside the ears. Inhale deeply and exhale.
  • Stretch your palm on the floor and bring up your chest, neck, and stomach. Your hip and the lower portions must be placed on the floor.
  • Straightly spread your legs at the same time bend your neck backside and see the roof as possible as you can see.
  • Ten seconds are enough with the exhaled lungs. The people who cannot be in the exhaled lungs can take a small breath at that state. By practice, you will get the proper position.
  • Put your head on the floor, turn it left or right then relax for few seconds then do this asana for five to six times.


This is enough for the normal person. Some people who have chest pain or breathing problem can do this five times, after practicing increase to ten times. That is enough.

The person who is having the neck bone damage can do the Sarpasana for four times then do the Kandakkiriya. After lifting the head in Sarpasana rotate your head left side and look the left foot for three seconds, vice versa rotate the neck to the right side and see the right foot for three seconds and relax by lying down on the stomach. Then repeat the asana for three times, that is enough.

While doing Sarpasana at the single time rotate the neck from left-right two times. Within one week or ten days, you can feel relief from the neck pain. A neck belt is not necessary.

Sarpasana Benefits

  • This exercise strengthens the lungs and the heart and you can get a balanced heartbeat. The heart valves will get good exercise and make the heart strong.
  • It strengthens the four parts of the heart are endocardium, epicardium, myocardium, and pericardium. So that the heart diseases will go off.
  • It improves the hip, backside nerves of the body which are connected in the spine. This connection is called mooladharam by yogic books and pelvic plexus in scientifically. By doing this asana improves the healthiness of the spine. So that it helps to get rid of the hip pain.
  • Sarpasana and Kandakkiriya give more benefits to the back neck bones. These asanas give the solution for neck pain and reduce the need of wearing the neck belt. The spinal cord is bending easily by doing these asanas. Shoulder bones, shoulder caps, hand bones will become strong.
  • The bladder, urinal tube are enriched by this asana. A stretched stomach will get the shape after delivery. It is the best exercise for the Uterus, Ovary, and breast improvements. Pregnant ladies must avoid this asana.