Asanas and Benefits – Shavasana, Yakshasthalabhyas, Neck Exercise

Neck Exercise

Stand erect with legs apart. Place the palms on the waist. Slowly move the neck forward and backward. Then move from side to side and then rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise. Breathing should be normal.

Neck Exercise Benefit

This is good for face and neck muscles and helps in removing wrinkles and double chin. Also provides a natural massage to the cranial nerves.

Yakshasthal Abhyas

Stand erect. Inhale, stretch the hands backwards and chest forward and be in the position for some time. Exhale and return to original position.

Yakshasthal Abhyas Benefits

This asana strengthens the respiratory system. Relieves back and shoulder pain.

Shirshasana On Apparatus

Hold firmly the sides of the apparatus and rest the shoulders on the pad. Now slowly lift the legs with knees bent. Then straighten the legs. Breath normally. Return to the original position in the reverse order. Relax in Shavasana.

Shirsahana Benefits

Shirshasana improves digestion, circulation, nervous system and relieves constipation and diabetes. 

Precaution: Avoid in cases of hypertension, ulcer and heart disease.


Lie flat on the back with feet comfortably apart. Keep the arms and hand a little away from the body with palm facing upwards and fingers half folded. Gently close the eyes and relax. Concentrate the mind on breathing.

Shavasana Benefits

Shavasana helps in reducing blood pressure and eases tension and stress.

Asanas and Benefits – Bhastrika,Pranayama & Anuloma Viloma


Sit in comfortable meditative pose and keep the spine, neck and head straight. Close the eves and keep the palms on the knees in Chin Mudra.

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