Sirsasana – Procedure and Benefits

Upside down position is called the Sirsasana. The meaning for the Sanskrit word ‘Siras’ is Head. The important organs like brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth will get the highest energy by the proper blood flow and functioning properly. So the diseases will get cure. The best concentration power will improve by doing this asana. It brings out the toxins from the brain related function and its nerves. The pituitary glands will properly function.

sirsasana-procedureSirsasana Procedure: 

  • Sit on the mat and kneel down.
  • Join the fingers and keep your hands on the mat as like a triangle.
  • Keep down your top of the head on the mat and hold it.
  • Press your head, elbow, finger on the mat and lift your knees upward. At the same time bring your legs front and make the spinal cord straightly.
  • This is the Artha Sirsasana pose. Practice this asana for one month at the beginning stage. Minimum fifty to hundred counts enough at the starting period.
  • Lift your legs upward, and put your heels on the wall make the spine straight then count hundred.
  • After practicing this for three months then do the asana without the support of wall.
  • Bring your legs down by folding the knees, press your foot and elbow then bring your head up and sit on your knees.
  • Then lie down on the mat in Savasana and relax.

Warning : 

If you are the beginner for this asana you should do this with the support of wall. To do this as asana under a trainer is always good. If the person has abdomen and spinal cord pain should avoid this asana.

Benefits of the Sirsasana:

  • The people in the creative field artists, doctors, researchers, politicians, industrial owners and yogis are get the expected benefits.
  • The people who cannot feel the smell or flavors can get recovery from their nostril problem.
  • By regular practice of this asana, you will get a deep sleep. It purifies the blood so you can get the unlimited concentration power.
  • Brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and all other organs will get the energy through the bloodstream so that the organs can improve their functioning.
  • So that the organs can function without any diseases. And you can get more concentration power.
  • This asana will bring out all the toxins from the brain functioning nerves.
  • All the glands will turn to proper function.

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