Naturopathy – Substance Abuse – Alcohol, Pan Masala

Substance Abuse – Alcohol

Did you know that being an alcoholic could affect your skin as well as your health? If you knew what some others knew about it, you probably wouldn’t drink it at all. It’s ok to have a glass of wine occasionally, but once you start making alcohol your god, then there’s a problem. When it becomes a chronic problem, you can do damage to your body inside and out.

Being an alcoholic won’t help you if you’re trying to stay young. You skin starts to age before your time. This would be the opposite of what you’re trying to do. You can’t expect to stay and look young if your lips are always touching a can orbottle.

Your kidneys are a very important part of your body. Kidneys are needed to help flush out the toxins that you don’t need. When you drink alcohol, you can dry out because you would not have consumed more water. Therefore, your kidney will not work the way that they should.

Chronic drinking can mess up the liver. The more you do it, the worse your chances for liver damage are. People that can’t or won’t try to stop drinking can end up with cirrhosis of the liver, which is more times than not, fatal.

Apart from causing numerous social, moral and legal harms. ALCOHOL gives rise to various health problems, including damage to liver which is a very tough organ. It directly attacks and causes cirrhosis of the liver or cancer of the liver, gastritis, ulcer, nervous disorders etc. A person with high blood pressure should cut down on alcohol intake and drink in moderation. Avoid smoking as tobacco will worsen the condition of the arteries. Also there is some evidence that tobacco smoking, alcohol, too much animal fat and lack of fibre in diet, lack of exercise and obesity can increase the risk for developing cancer.

Disruptive or unresponsive behavior due to parents’ substance abuse or dependency on alcohol. Substance abuse in the home often leads to problems manifesting in the child. It is important that the root problem be treated (the substance abuse) rather than the symptom (behavioral problems in the child).

Pan Masala

Pan masala effect is generally like zarda/tobacco and highly addictive in nature. It is unfortunate that the habit of taking pan masala is acquiring a status symbol. If one knows the reality (toxic ingredients and harmful effects) one will never like to touch it. Shun it as suggested above.

Role Of Exercise

The importance of exercise cannot be over emphasized – brisk walking, jogging or Yoga or hard games are vitally important for health.

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