Naturopathy – Substance Abuse – Smoking

Substance Abuse Stop Smoking

A massive contributor to high blood pressure is smoking. In fact, nicotine can raise the blood pressure by 10 mmHg, which is constant if a person is smoking all day. The only way to tackle this is to cut down or quit smoking altogether, as well as avoiding second-hand smoke.

Smoking – Injuries to Health. Since volumes are available condemning the evils of smoking. tobacco/zarda chewing, pan masala, drugs, alcohol, it is wise to be silent on these topics. However, the author cannot resist appending a few words on the subject. It is alarming that India has the third highest number of tobacco-related deaths in the world with an estimated one in even five deaths in the country occurring due to tobacco use, while in developed countries due to health awareness people are giving up tobacco.

Smoking is very harmful to the smoker as well as for his companions. It is the single biggest avoidable menace to good health. Smoking causes impotence and infertility besides narrowing and hardening of arteries. Smoking is also responsible for paralytic stroke, brain hemorrhage angina heart attack, chronic bronchitis, ulcers, cancer etc. Nicotine is a drug that occurs naturally in the tobacco leaf. In higher doses, nicotine, like other addictive drugs including heroin and cocaine, is a poison. Nicotine has a powerful effect on the brain and the central nervous system. Nicotine causes an increase in the heart rate and in the rate of breathing – thereby making the heart work harder. Therefore, smoking kills more people even year than all other drugs and alcohol combined. Even non-smokers who are exposed to smoke suffer more than the smokers themselves, because of passive smoking.

Social attitudes towards smoking have changed dramatically in the civilized countries for the past few years and all smokers are aware of these. Smokers are becoming a lonely minority and they know their habit or addiction is harming those around them. Nearly all of them would like to quit smoking but one has to have a strong will to quit in one stroke and not slowly and steadily. Throw away all cigarettes, lighters, matches and ash-trays. Drink lots of water, fruits juices and herbal teas. Keep yourself busy. When the urge to smoke hits, take a deep breath and hold for a few seconds. In fact, regular pranayama helps smokers quit and stay off cigarettes. Play with something like pencil or pencil in hand. Eat several small meals. After quitting, you feel better and look better day by day in all respects by getting rid of diseases.

Tobacco / Zarda Chewing

Tobacco and Zarda Chewing is certainly worse than alcohol and smoking as it is solely responsible for oral cancer, abdomen ulcers besides leading to many other diseases of the abdomen, lungs, liver, throat and brain. It makes the brain tissues sluggish, dull, numb and inactive making the person incompetent for brain work. Zarda/tobacco contains nicotine just like cigarettes. Nicotine is a harmful drug that takes you up and then drops you flat. It makes you seek more. It gets you hooked. Then you are in real trouble. Quit chewing, as suggested above, in one stroke and as soon as possible.

Substance Abuse – Alcohol

Apart from causing numerous social, moral and legal harms. ALCOHOL gives rise to various health problems, including damage to the iver which is a very tough organ. It directly attacks and causes cirrhosis of the liver or cancer of the liver, gastritis, ulcer, nervous disorders etc.